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You can model stray hum, random thermal noise, electric field noise and galvanic skin response. You can also use a TV 50/60hz common mode filter to reduce hum. But each user has unique conditions. What do you get?
It is difficult to tell what is there. Maybe you should re-do it without the filtering. It is possible that your filtering is causing the rise around 60hz. It shouldn't if the filter is correct. You could also do a frequency sweep of your filter to make sure it is correct. Keith.
Please help me with this: I made an RF audio TX device, it has a mic input digitizes the voice and sends it over 900 MHz to the RX device which than records it. The problem is that the Mic is located close < 8cm to the Antenna and I get the 16ms (~60hz) sending noise. It's approx a 1/3 ON and 2/3 OFF square wave. It's for voice only and I
you can use TI 16 bit sigma delta ADCs that have internal 50/60hz internal digital rejection filters
Colleagues, I need to measure the noise in the common 110VAC 60hz network. I'm interected in the 100kHz-1MHz band. Essentially, I want to learn how the power lines pick up the AM stations. Could you suggest a coupling circuit or a filter, which would allow me to look at these low level (comparing to 110V) signals? My first th
i think that filter the power 60hz influence or EMI.