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Here's a bit of useful trivia (is that an oxymoron?) regarding the 723: It was developed by Fairchild Semiconductor. Unfortunately, the pinout designation in the Fairchild catalog was incorrect. I don't remember what the error was, but if you connected it in accordance with their spec sheet, it would be destroyed. If you run across one of Fairc
I am planning to design a circuit to get a regulated +/- 15 V, +/- 100 mA using a "single IC". Which is the preferable IC, 723,78XX,79XX, or 317 ? Can anyone provide the circuit configuration ?
Hello every body. First of all i am a new member so it is good to say hello every one on the forum. Now the actual problem. I need the circuit schematics of variable power supply, it is a kit i bought it some time ago. The kit markings are Cana kit R051. I made some crazy mistake while using it and managed to burn few components resistors.
hi! any1 can "mirroring" a schematic diagram (initial made for positive but i want to build a symmetric PS with 723) for me? "mirroring", here, =make negative regulated part of the PS with same configuration and complementary electronic parts :) (eq 3055>---2955 etc) :))) 10x!
hello, i want to make a 0 to 12V variable dc power supply using lm 723.since Vref has to be more than 2V my o/p is in the range 2.something to over 14V. The problem i am having is in finding a virtual ground of around 2V.I put a 741op amp and used it as a unity follower with Vref of around 2V as i/p and +Vcc connected to unreguated supply and -Vcc
Catalog? Do you mean data sheet and application notes? They are here:
Let's make something clear: you can't have constant voltage and constant current regulator - that means constant load .. What you can have is a very stable voltage regulator with current limit .. Some people still use the old 723 voltage regulator as a very good voltage reference that can, if required, have implemented (...)
To achieve voltages as low as 0V with 723 regulator you need to introduce small negative voltage reference .. If you supply 723 of, say, -3V (regulated) and +35V (can be unregulated), the output can be controlled in the range you are after, that is from 0V to 30V .. Here is one example .. S
Here is a concept of adjustable linear power supply based on descrite components and 723 voltage regulator: For 30V output you will need to ensure that the unregulated voltage is >35Vdc and, of course, change th values of resistors around the potentiometer .. Pre-regulation can be added to the above
Here is application of 723 voltage regulator and 2N3055 power transistor: Instead of potentiometer and R2 you can feed 0-5V through a voltage divider directly to (+) input of 723 error amplifier. However, I don't believe that in this circuit you will be able to gener
You can use the Standard 723 Ic to build a linear regulator , the current limit also can be changed by using one external opamp.
Use the 723 voltage regulator. It will give you output from 2V to 37V @150mA and excelent stability..
I think LM723 has lower temperature coeficient 0.002%/C, MIC5207 has 0.004%/C in the similar temperature range.
Used with great satisfaction the old 723 ( no noise at the output ). Don't use in any way the 78 series, about 2 mV p-p wide band noise with any output capacitor ( at least from 1 nF to 1000 uF ). Now I know the 723 is difficult to find, but for my VCO i use always it. Mandi