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Hi All, I am trying to design and build a Low Pass Filter ( Active Filter with opamps ) . This will be the front end pre-amplifier as well as filter connected to a coil that will pick up 22hz to 32hz pulses from a Magnetic coil placed 10 feet away . I have used Filter Wiz Lite and Filter LAB2.0 , but both tools suggest using opamp of either TI o
The 741 can not operate with a single supply. It can go below about 2V above the negative supply rail (as shown in its data sheet), as you've observed. So you either need to add a negative supply or use a single-supply opamp such as an LM324. If you also want the output to go to 12V then you need a rail-rail type opamp. What is the highest freq
Hello 741 is rail to rail op-amp no need to change for other one first you have large offset voltage (5-4.5=0.5V) but this not the problem do one thing plz sweep the input from 5V to -5V by 0.5V and record the output to see at which point the problem start
Neither of those devices (358/741) are suitable for your application.
However, for a real opamp R3 can play a very important role: it can stabilize the circuit Yes., it's used for this reason in special cases. But referring to 741 or other universal compensated OPs, R3 will only detoriate the amplifier''s performance: lower bandwidth, more noise, higher offset voltage.
also will 741 op amp work at +/- 2.5v supply volatge? LM741 is not suitable for this application .. Google for rail-to-rail opamp that can work of single supply voltage as low as 4Vdc .. There is a version of LM358 called LMV358 which should perform well in your circuit .. Rgds, Ia
mohannad100, The short answer is "no". The reason is that the 741 op amp has an input offset voltage of 5 or 6 mV. The 324 has an input offset voltage of 7, 9, or 10 mV depending on the grade. Even if the offset voltage of the (...)
Be carefull when using opamps as comparators. 1. Most opamps inputs are not designed to include the supply rails in their nominal voltage range. Some even reverse the output when their voltage input range is exceeded. 2. Most opamps are not rail to rail output so be ready to have an offset at your output. (...)
1. It is possible that the 741 you are using is not from the vendor of the data sheet. 2. Try another one and see if the offset is the same or better. 3. The input bias current flowing through the resistors connected to the input will add to the offset.
I am trying to simulate the op-amp schematic diagram for a 741 and plot a graph of Power Supply Rejection Ratio v frequency. It is defined as 20 *log( change in dc supply voltage/ change in input offset voltage). Does anyone know how to work this out on the Cadence/ PSpice simulator? Do the 2 differential (...)