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How to covert 8 bit binary to 8 bit bcd in 8051 assembly language ? I want to convert a 2 digit binary number to 2 digit bcd number say 14-- binary-- 00001110 bcd-- 00010100
You are asking for an 8-bit binary number to be converted to two 4-bit bcd numbers. Probably the easiest way is to count how many times you can subtract 0x0A (10 in decimal) from your number, this gives the first digit of your answer. The remainder after subtraction is the second digit of your answer. Brian.
Hello I got 3x4 keypad. I need to convert 3 digit inputs of 0-9 to binary, which will be used to control DAC. Keypad should be hooked up to decoder (like 74hc922 - 4 parallel output). The question is how to store and convert this 3 bcd (3x 4bit) inputs to 12 bit to control DAC.
Hey guys, I'm using a pic16F690 and I need assembly code for to convert an 8 bit binary to bcd and bcd to binary. I have to use the w register. Also, I only want to display numbers from 0 - 99, how do I write a default or error message in mplab? Thanks for the help :) Check there are tons of code of th
I searched in internet and find code for converting 8 bit and 10 bit numbers So you got the answer, isn't it? I presume you know how to delete lines of code.
I am trying to set up a a 4-bit binary counter to rest at count ten. Since I didn't have LS390' I had to create a condition rest clock made from an AND gate chip. First I used one gate to get triggered when Qc and Qa where active. However when I do this it only
can anyone share me code that converts an 8-bit binary to bcd. im using the Altera Quarus II compiler and programming into the Altera DE2 board. my intention is to convert output of a counter (8-bits) into bcd and then display it on the 7-segment. both the counter and bcd-to-7 segment (...)
This is the opposite prob from what most folks want. I need to convert a bcd number -- 6 digit -- into its binary/ hex equivalent. The bcd can be packed/ not packed. I prefer not-packed for now. Can someone provide pointers to an 8-bit assembly implementation for an efficient algorithm ? Its for an AVR project, using (...)
Gosh after so many efforts i am able to write down some piece of code that is working ......atleast partially in the below code my count is going well till 90 , after that it is going to 101 instead of going to 91 , i am trying to figure out what changes i have to make in the mean time if anyone can analyze the code below and tell me what i am
how can i make voltmeter with ADC0808 without micro controller this is my project in my collage !!! can anyone help me ?!! thx in advance :!:
mmmm... how many digits do you need? alas, how many bytes is your number stored? don't forget, that the microcontrollers has all it's data in binary form, it could be 8 bit integer number, 16 bit integer number, 32 bits integer, or even 32 bit float number.... (too many)
:-) In theory for this project you may use one IC 4 bit binary full adder and one IC quadruple 3 lines to 1 line multiplexer. The result of the multiplexer to be applied to a bcd to 7 segment decoder and address multiplexing to be implemented with push buttons. In practice we may use for example two IC dual 4-line to 1-line (...)
Hello i am having these verilog code for 16 bit binary to bcd conversion . I am not getting the algorithm or method used for it I have uploaded file for it.
1) what will be the data formate of output of ADC, is it binary or bcd? It is binary 2) what should be the data output of 89c51 that is acceptable for LCD? ASCII 3) what is the acceptable data formate for LCD , binary , bcd or Ascii? ASCII The binary data in 8 bit is (...)
The output from ADC is a binary number in the range 0 - 255 (Decimal). Convert this number to three digits (bcd), 4 bit nibbles. Use these three digits one by one, to convert it to ASCII just add 48 (decimal). Send this to the LCD display. Use appropriate order of these ASCII codes to display correct value.
i am using pic16f72 with 8 bit ADC ie max FF h = 255 decimal steps . Now if i want to display ( 00.0
8 bit or 16 bit? here is an 8 bit routine: ;***************************************************** ;* "bin2bcd8" - 8-bit binary to bcd conversion ;* This subroutine converts an 8-bit number (temp) to a 2-digit ;* i.e 0x15 becomes 0x21 ;* result in (...)
Hi,Mr.Tahmid.Thanks a lot for your helpful reply.But why my program display wrong on the low range for example;1.5v and 2v display 1v or 0.05v up t0 1.4v display 1 or 6v display only a few range display correctly[I wrote a program with mikroC for PIC PRO/2009/V2.50 ,to measure a DC v
OK not a BIG deal u can use Micrcontroller in between 8-bit parallel data & three 7-segments display, just u need to program the microcontroller thatz it . . .
Hello guys, Does anyone know how to design 16-bit up counter using verilog HDL? from the binary output produced, it need to be converted into bcd. Then the decimal number will be display at 7-segment. Does anyone know the step/flow should be done for this experiment?
I have searched the forum but couldn't find what i wanted exactly.. Say i have an output from an 8-bit binary counter "95" .. I want to display it on 7-segment displays on a spartan 3E FPGA board.. What is the solution of this problem even if i got the bcd conversion, how can I display it on 7-segments? Thanks for your concern..
I suppose you meant ADC's output! Indeed it is not trivial, specifically when converting the 8-bit binary to 10-bit bcd! But converting the 10-bit bcd to 7-segment is easy, using for example IC-4511 or 7447! A Truth table is one way, perhaps on a PROM! also see
Hello everybody. I wanted to use a 27c256 EPROM as a binary to bcd converter. Basically the 16 bit binar number is the address while a 8 bit bcd in the output. Simple enough. But I don't know how to produce a bin or hex file which would load the wanted data in the EPROM. Please note that this is a part (...)
Try this, or browse code on same site. ;)
Hi! I need working assembly routines for - 32 bit x 32 bit integar multiplication 32 bit / 32 bit integar division 32 bit binary to bcd conversion 12 Packed Digits bcd to binary conversion These routines I need for MSP430 (...)
A binary to two-digit bcd converter Input = 7 bit, binary count = 00000000-1100011 Output Required = 4bit + 4bit (=8 bits for two digit) Output count = 00,01,02,03,.....99 bits need = 100*8 = 800 bits Use ROM is 2^7 x 8 = 1024 (...)
Maybe it helps you.
unsigned cha? rez;

void Bin_bcd_18(int val)

 rez = (val%1000) / 100; 
 rez = (val%100) / 10; 
 rez = val % 10; 


Goto: and find Hex/Dec Converter /LCD .. by Jacek Bogusz .. or 24-bit binary to decimal(bcd) .. by Manoj R. Thakur .. Regards, IanP
i want to know how to convert binary to bcd or decimal in assembly i want a code thanks you can use simble method for converting 8 bit binary number into decimal equivelt stored in 3 memory locations code for 8051 family( let r0 contain the binary number and r1,r2,r3 contain decimal equavelent) (...)
hello genius guys well now i am making a XCESS-3 calculator .the only problem i am facing is HOW TO DRIVE SEVEN SEGMENT DISPLAY i am using 7447 seven segment display ic.How this ic can be used. how i connect my output from calculator (binary form) to this 7447 ic. plz reply soon thz in advance
Maybe some of these exampless will be of any use to you: vii Contents 5 Software Applications 5-1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.1 Integer Calculation Subroutines 5-2 . . . . . . . . 5.1.1 Unsigned Multiplication 16 x 16-bits 5-2 . . . . 5.1.2 Signed Multiplication 16 x 16-bits 5-7 . . . . . . 5.1.3 Unsigned Multiplication 8 x
I can't think of any simple approach except to use a small 32x8 ROM containing the truth table, but that may be against your project rules. I think you already have the right idea: convert the truth table to boolean equations by using K-maps, or simple inspection, or engineering software, or whatever approach seems easiest to you.
you should be able to do the transformation by first doing a mapping. Use the truth tables and the graphical method for each output bit. Many years ago there were commercial ICs for this. Try looking through an old TTL data book. They will have diagrams of the logic inside the chips. 74185 is one example. The 74185 turns ou
i need a bit of code that takes bcd from the RS232 port and converts it in to binary and displays it on PORT B with 8 leds. This needs to be simple for a newbe like me. is there any one that could help with this thanks
Hi all, I have problem in converting 26 bit binary to bcd using PIC 16F782 using assembly language. I need to convert eg 2FAF080 hex to 50 000 000 dec using 4 registers casade together.. which mean 4 bytes. actually my application is to make use of timer0 as a counter to count the input freqency and store them in a 4 byte register.. (...)
we know that when we send the data in the form of bytes from mcu to pc, the windows os will convert this bytes of data from binary to their ascii code, now if i want the data to convert back to their decimal form rather than ascii form , then what should be done for that
In your previous post you mentioned GAL16V8. Do you still have to use it? Its application can be conversion from input buttons 1, 2, 3,...9 to their 7-segment codes and then using modulo-7 counter shift them into 28-bit shift register and display this 28-bit register as 4 x 7-segmant. Can you use a small microcontroller? Would be quite easy t
For an 8-bit register of PIC16F84 the data read in, is a binary number from a bcd dip switch but the bits read in are not in a uniform order (bit order is different). How to converted to a decimal value in binary format, like 54 = 00110110, but the order read in is 10110010. What is the (...)
GAL chip:LIke GAL16V8.etc use google to find such imformation