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in 802.11a, 48 sub-carriers are used to transmit data, and they are not carrying conjugate data on index like sub-carrier(x) and sub-carrier(N-x). also in some thsis I come across designs that transmit conjugate data on sub-carriers that are symmetric around the FFT size N, which results in waste of half the bandwidth. But the method outputs rea
What is the minimum possible transmission duration for the following transmission standards: 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, Bluetooth (various types), Zigbee (various modes), Zwave I think that for 1SSID beacon that 802.11a and 802.11g are 1.52ms (...)
c = 1+1i; Ws = zeros( 1, 64 ); S = sqrt(13/6)*; Ws(7:59) = S; xs = ifft( fftshift(Ws) ); As from above, how to do cyclic extension of xs to get 160 samples? Moreover; generate the 802.11a long preamble in matlab
Hi all, straightforward question: why is it that 802.11n signals occupy more bandwidth than 802.11a/g signals? thanks, Aaron
Hi, I am looking for 802.11a basic Implementation. Is there any open 802.11a Implementation in vhdl or verilog? Thanks
A length-127 frame synchronous scrambler in IEEE 802.11a uses the following generator polynomial $$G(D)= D^7+D^4+1$$ If the all ones initial state is used, what is the 127 bit sequence generated by the scrambler? Thank you!
In 802.11a Standard, the short preamble is defined as sqrt(13/6)*ifft( How does this sq
hello everyone, i am a student and got a project for "implementation of a channel equalizer for a wireless OFDM according to the IEEE 802.11a and Hiperlan/2 standard." i dont have knowledge about system level design environments for DSPs into FPGAs..,what i have is this ieee paper and nothing else, i was unable to gain knowledge on internet:
Hi I have to design a receiver to follow the attached set of specifications. Can somebody tell me for which receiver I should go for considering these specs and why?
i need matlab code(.m file) for 802.11a transmitter ....please help me out...
What parameters have to be changed for the two models to be distinguished from one another?? I have downloaded the WLAN files from and 802.11a from . On simulating both the files the outputs are the same in ter
Hello Guys I'm a beginner in Communication programming. I need to program a Mac Layer in the 802.11 protocol and simulate. I need the generation of network traffic at the nodes. Please help me on this. Thanks in advance!
Hi all, What kind of issues can result in unsymmetrical sidelobes structure of the wlan (like 802.11a) spectrum? Thanks,
hi i am working on MC-CDMA channel estimation cdma + OFDM(802.11a) i try two types of channel estimation : Block type and Comb type i am using MATLAB built in function (rayleighchan) more specificlly (stdchan) as follow: bitrate = 20000000; % Bit Rate ts
Hi This is a very good question: Please see my comments below QN:In the design of most OFDM systems before the zero padding there is an insertion of a 'zero' in the middle of the data carriers, why? ANS: I am taking reference of 802.11a for your answer. 1. Typically OFDM bandwidth is 20MHz and (10MHz both side). 2. Say
data rate in 802.11a is 18 mbps what does this specify? why no of sub carriers(52) is not equal to FFT size(64)? what for pilot carriers used? what is 3db bandwidth in ofdm? what is its importece?
I need the OFDM definition in 802.11a, where can i find it? thank u!
Legacy Short Training Field (L-STF) The legacy short training OFDM symbol is identical to the 802.11a short training OFDM symbol. The L-STF is BPSK modulated at 6 Mbps. It contains no channel coding, and is not scrambled. The L-STF has a period of 0.8 ?s. The entire short training field includes ten such periods, with a total duration of 8 ?s. Leg
Dear all, The WIFI and WLAN, both are same or not? If difference means, Please explain me. Thanks in advance R. balasubramania raju WiFi (might stand for Wireless Fidelity) is a general wireless standard/term governed/coined by Wi-Fi Alliance. The Alliance uses this term to describe many wireless s
Hello everyone I am currently studying the WLAN 802.11g physical layer (OFDM) in the Wireless Systems course at my technical school. I am very interested in conducting some simulations using Simulink to get a better understanding. After I did some research about WLAN 802.11g and Simulink, I found that there is a WLAN (...)

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