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hi all, i work in assembly language with pic16f887 i want to use ROM as readable memory. like i have used with DPTR in 8051. what are DB and DT in PIC16? how can i use ROM with DB or DT direactive for making long lookup table?
Hello. I need to use several lookup tables(DATA,DATA1..) in one program and it should change after some time(like 1s). Is it possible to do it in assembler language with 8051 microcontroler? MAIN: MOV DPTR,#DATA CLR A MOVC A,@A+DPTR MOV R2,A INC DPTR ... ... DATA: DB 36D DB 1D,254D ; DB 22D,233D ...
Instead of using c use assembly language For more detail contact on the following link - 30k -
I want to design a digital signal generator which can generate digital values for the Sine wave using 8051 and then convert it to analog sine wave using DAC0808. But how to compute values for a function x = sin(w n) using 8051 if i want 50 samples per cycle and 100 Hertz frequency of sine wave. I don't want to use lookup (...)