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I am trying to interface my PC with 8051 using a CP2102 USB to UART bridge. I tried sending the characters 'M' & 'C' and view them using hyper terminal. I am able to receive the characters but instead of receiving them once, the data is received repeatedly in a loop fashion. I simulated this in Proteus and it works as expected i.e. I'm getting ch
Hi, I've completed my Vehicle tracker working with 89c51 + 89c52, where 51 controlled GPS data and its ping 10 keeps sending data to 52's MCU pin 2 and 52 MCU is serving main program including serial communication with siemens s-46 model. Now I've connected the SIM300DZ and SIM300D none of the working as per my code used for previously sieme
Hi, i am using AT89C51ED2 microcontroller to perform serial communication using interrupt 4. The main purpose of code program is send received data to hyper-terminal using interrupt 4 (serial interrupt, echo received data) while the led connected at P1^0 will continuously blink with a delay of 1 sec. PROBLEM: when i produce a delay (...)
how to use both transmitter and reciever at a time in 8051.. pls someone explain me the steps so that i can implement real time
Hello, I am a beginner with 8051 family. I am trying to implement serial communication using 89S52 with PC. The string (rather a singel chracter at this stage) will be transmitted through Hyperterminal and after reception the received text (what ever it be) has to be displayed on LCD. The problem is when I am (...)
Hi... I want to receive the data from sensor. The output of IR sensor is one bit i.e. either '1' or '0'. If I connect the IR sensor output to RxD pin of 8051 microcontroller, the it will receive only one bit at a time. Then how do I receive the series of 8 bits and save it to the other port. Can anyone give me the necessary C code for that ??
if i never set TI=1 then this code not work in proteus. and if i set TI=1 than 8051 transmit parallel to receiving #include #include #include sbit RS = P2^1; sbit EN = P2^0; sbit WR1 = P2^2; sbit D0 = P1^0; sbit D1 = P1^1; sbit D2 = P1^2; sbit D3 = P1^3; sbit D4 = P1^4; sbit D5 =
8051 has different modes in which the uart will operate and all these modes have a different formula for the baud rate calculation. Check This Thread for the answer to your question.
How to calculate the baud rate in 8051 & PIC18F microcontroller.?
in your schematic diagram there is one "NOT GATE " is connected ! for bi-direction when i connect NOT GATE on both tx and rx of 8051 it work. My question is this 8052 convert data before transmit from TX. :???: As jayanth.devarayanadurga said but in practical experiment you not need this not gate.
If you are using printf() then you don't need to set SBUF.
The following tutorials and code examples should assist you: 8051 Programming for UART - Starts half way down the page serial communication Tutorial: Introduction [URL="w
first elaborate a bit more, which stuff you will use, where you want to input your name, and where you want it to be displayed. Do you want to type it at your PC and display it on 16x2 LCD connected with your 8051 ucontroller?
Usart_Write() functions writes ascii characters like '0'. You analog variable is an interger variable. Convert it to string using IntToStr() function and then use USART_Write_Text(stranalog); I think you are using mikroC PRO 8051. Right?
hi,all i have a problem in serial communication my code below: Matrix1=; s=serial('com3','baudrate',9600); set(s,'flowcontrol','none'); set(s,'parity','none'); set(s,'databit',8); set(s,'stopbit',1); fopen(s) for i=1:length(Matrix1) A=Matrix1(i) ; fwrite(s,A,'int8') pause(2) end the problem with this code only the f
hi, all when i use these codes in matlab s=serial('com3','baudrate',9600); fopen(s) fwrite(s,00000001,'int8') 8051 receive the value but when display it on led the output 01100000 why this ocurr what is the wrong ?please help:-(
hi, all i want to program 8051 mcu to receive 5 digital input for example if the digital value 0 the stepper motor not rotate else if digital value 1 the stepper motor rotate cw direction 72 degree then stop if the digital value 2 will rotate another 72 degree cw direction then stop if the digital value back to 1 stepper motor rotate 72 degre
hi how i can send data from hyperterminal to lcd via 89c51 . i have done all hardware connection as well as try some code but they r not working can u suggest me bcz i m newr for 8051.
-> I want to interface serial communication between 89s52 and hyper terminal.. -> I have made circuit like this... 84929 -> I am making P3_2 pin high before sending frame and after sent making it low. -> Is this right procedure? if not then tell me the right procedure for communication to computer. -> Please help me t