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hi, hope you know 8051 is working in +5v. if you have 5V power supply u can give directly. In case you have 12V power supply use 7805 votage converter ic. The input of 7805 is 12V and output is 5V.
Hello, could someone tell me if there is a EMI problem to expect with this 8051 circuit layout ? It runs at 6MHz clock and the buses should run at 500kHz. I messed the placing of the decoupling capacitor at the 8051 cpu, i think it should have been above the CPU and connected via a top layer strip to (...)
hello Q=20Mhz MC=0,60?S if 8051 timer is similar to PIC timer you need to spend 1666 * 0,6 => 1 mS load the timer with 65535-1666=63869 .. TH0= 0xF9; //initial value for 1ms TL0 = 0x7D; 0xF97D => 63869 so seems to be OK if timer has no prescaler or potsscaler and use MC as clock.
hi, i am trying to use the mode 0 serial transmission mode of 8051 microcontroller but it is not working. what value of SCON register must be placed in order to use it? i have used scon = 0x00; is this correct? thanks
If you are using PIC or 8051 you can try these codes.
8051 machine cycle consists of 12 clock pulses so we divide the crystal frequency by 12 114452 This image explains the concept of instruction cycles and clock frequency
Complete confusion about instruction timing. Yes, a classical 8051 performs 1 instruction cycle per 12 clock cycles, resulting in e.g. 1 ?s instruction cycle with a 12 MHz crystal. But a single C code line is translated to many machine instructions, each of it taking one or two cycles. See below how Keil C translates the inner loop (...)
hi, will at89c51 assembly code or c code work with intel 8051? are they same? thanks
first of all thanks to all of you... i want the perfect value of signal at particular instant so if fault is occurs my 8051 can generate tripping signal. What kind of fault did you have in mind? What do you quantize as a fault? how much voltage, current frequency variation is expected? tolerated? Will you relay w
#include sbit SCL = P2^2; /* connect to SCL pin (clock) */ sbit SDA = P2^1; /* connect to SDA pin (Data) */ void InitSerial(void) { SCON = 0x50; // setup serial port control TMOD = 0x20; // hardware (9600 BAUD @11.0592MHZ) TH1 = 0xFD; // TH1 TR1 = 1; // Timer 1 on } void Ser
RTC 8563 uses I2C and 8051 doesn't have hardware I2C. You have to write software I2C code and use it to read and write RTC.
I want to make a 8051 MCU based digital clock which will be shown on lcd 16x2. (JHD 162A). I want the assembly language program for that. I want the particular code that will circulate a loop in a particular LCD address. What will be the program? Please help me. Greetings, I do agree with him :- [QUOTE=themask;130976
You didn't specified the crystal value and the microcontroller you are using... But it seems MCS 51. So lets assume you have 12MHz clock with an old 8051... For 12 MHz, 12 Mhz/12= 1MHz (Effective clock to the core) ( 1 / 1MHz ) = 1us (minimum time for single execution) (65536-xx)*1us= 50 ms (50ms is the perfect round (...)
why 8051(at89s51) microcontroller read the signals when clock signal is low.
You'll find a clear timing digram of "External Data Memory Write Cycle" in 89C51 hardware description. Data is put on P0 during nWR low, for about 6 clock cycles. But how do yout want to latch the data in the second 8051? It has no bus device interface or input capture feature. The idea simply doesn't work. You can of course set the (...)
how do i write on a i2c bus as well as read data from a I2C. i want to read and write data from the ds1307 ic. and i want to know how do i code it in c to interface it. See some examples: Real Time clock Interfacing (DS1307) with AT89S51
Hi, Iam using ESA51E board, having 80C51BH Ucontroller forn intel. In my code iam trying to Implement real time clock using timer When i check for register values in Win51E they wont get updated, while other values does...(like PC, DPTR...etc). im also using 8255 The change of values takes place in ISR, which is not happening. Interrpt is nt ge
C doesn't explicitly handle bit arrays, but you can still implement something that LOOKS like a bit array using char or int arrays. There are numerous examples out in internetland. And what do you mean read on every falling edge? Do you mean your clock edge? If that's the case, you're out of luck because an 8051, if I remember correctly, (...)
this is my clock project using 8051 just change the ic and get an led matrix just changing the IC won't do the job you need to write code for 16f877A
It's been a long time, but I believe the 8051 needs either a crystal or an external oscillator, you can't use an RC like the PIC. But you can make a pretty inexpensive oscillator from an inverter, cap and resistor.
Here are 3 ways to make a clock using a C8051: 1.) Use a 8051 and a 1 line LCD display. The LCD connects to the 8051 using the SPI or I2C bus This is the most expensive and it can be hard to connect to the LCD without a PCB 2.) Use 4 7 segment displays connected to (...)
Does your microcntroller has inbuilt ADC.. if not then interface your microcntroller with external ADC. learn from here how to interface ADC0808 with
Dear all my friends i make a digital 7 segment clock without rtc only timer0 ..... i can count the seconds minutes hours with no problem .... but this values is binary how can i display this values .... only hours and minutes at the display ... please help My program by assembly best regards MedTronic
Ok lets start it right from beginning. so which Micro-controller you are familiar with? is it pic,8051 or else?
Give me 1 day time and I will give you the code. Mention which PIC/AVR/8051 MCU you want to use and what clock frequency you use?
I said "the only feasible way" with a reason. It's impossible to run 8051 interrupts at 500 kHz. 50 kHz will be demanding yet.
11.0592MHz ... ? because of more accurate baud rates in 8051 series! If use 12MHz then baudrate clock have much bigger baudrate errors! - - - Updated - - - A1: 11.0592 MHz crystals are often used because it can be divided to give you exact clock rates for most of the common baud rates for the UART,
Hi friends, Am posting the code this code am getting a problem that clock runs quickly without going accordingly with our real time clock please help me out please..... Thanks in advance #include sbit set=P1^2; sbit mov=P1^3; sbit inc=P1^4; sbit dec=P3^7; sbit ent=P3^6; void all_disp(); void time_set(); #define
i have a circuit where i should give a clock pulse of 50Khz to a switch can i use 8051uc??
hi everybody i having a small doubt, i had interfaced the several clocks with one master clock, all the clocks are have to run in a same time in synchronize manner. but in these what is the problem means, while im moving slave clock to long range approximately(100m), then the slave clock getting slow (...)
You coding error... here I have tested this one, it works except for the am/pm display on LCD... Best Regards, waqas
I need to generate 10khz and 1khz square waces at P1.0 and P1.4 simultaneously clock = 1MHz Am i on the right track? 1/10k = 100us -> timer0 mode2 1/1k = 1000us -> timer1 mode1 mov tmod, #12H; setting up timers mov th0, #0CEH; -50cycles for timer 0 mode 2 setb tr0; start timer 0 setb tr1; start timer 1 mov ie,#8AH; setting interrupt ena
just consider how to buil real time clock using my 8051 without RTC device such as DS1307, etc.. Is it possible? Thank you.. mentoz
Searching on google will give you loads of helpful links:
hi, i am trying to make the 8051 digital clock but the leds are not blinking someone plzzz............ suggest me what should i do:sad:
Dear All; I need 8051 mikroC code for Digital clock. Kindly help me in this regard. I shall be greatful. thanks Tanvir
It's not clear why you need to add multiples of 6. If you type DS1307 in the search box, it reveals 450 results, so it's highly likely at least one of them will help you with this device. There is also this URL which shows in some extreme detail how to use the DS1307. The microcontroller used was an
This is a temperature clock display module made during holidays: 79812 79813 This is a 16*16 matrx display module: 79815 My table: 79816 79817 System core: 8051 MCU(STC, nice for begginers, not for indust
Hello! I want this code to be written in mikroC PRO 8051. Please help. sbit clk=P1^7; // clock void timer0() interrupt 1 // Function to generate clock of frequency 500KHZ using Timer 0 interrupt. { clk=~clk; } TMOD=0x02; //timer0 setting for generating clock of 500KHz using interrupt (...)
Hi guys, here is a simple project I have done in 89s52 IC of 8051 series. Making a Digital clock. Components required: 1 microcontroller 89C52(89S52 will also do) 2 ceramic capacitors-22pF 1 switch(button for reset purpose) 1 electrolytic capacitor-10uF,25V 1 crystal oscillator-11.0592MHz 16x2 LCD display 1 resistor-10k (...)
Examples : Yo
as I say in topic #3 ports aren't configured as output! see your datasheet and download keil c development tool at (free to 2k code) ps your datasheet: see page 30 5. GPIO PxM1.y PxM0.y Port output mode 0 0 Quasi-bidi
yes, why not ? if you cant get it exactly for your search term 89v51RD2. try searching for 8051 instead , That's the family name for your micro-controller. ---------- Post added at 05:50 ---------- Previous post was at 05:47 ----------
Please can someone provide me with proteus design and assembly code for digital clock using dot matrix. It's required for our project submission.
sir i want to make a propeller clock can anyone tell me about the idea of circuit n programming of the micro controller ic 8051 in c language.
Interface LCD with 8051 and display the name on the LCD this is the basic one then try to implement the Digital clock with the help of 8051. create a delay of 1 sec and then increment it.
can any provide me report for PROPELLER clock Display using 8051..........!!!!!!!! mail me at thnx in advance!!!!!!!!;-):lol:
I have developed a USBASP based on: USB 8051/AVR programmer - Free 8051 Microcontroller projects Microcontroller Projects: USB 8051 (89 series) & AVR Microcontroller