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If you dont connect any crystal in 8051 in real circuit , it will not work.
I need to upload .hex file to AT89C51RD2. My mikroProg for 8051 doesn't support this chip. Which Programmer can I use to program this device ?
The external memory address , data and control signals controlled by a multiplexer , with 8051 and fpga accessing the same. or, dual port ram is another option.
It's probably being bit manipulated in that Cypress USB microcontroller code. Based on the datasheet it has an 8051 embedded in it and the code is run from RAM, EEPROM, or an external memory device. I'd wager that the original board designer let the PCB layout person to pin swap on that bus to make routing easier. I'd also wager the firmware eng
Notice that a 8051 port pin sources only a few 10 ?A, can't drive a bipolar transistor without external pull-up resistors. I'm sure you have heard about this point before, it's been mentioned in countless 8051 Edaboard threads.
Sounds like you connected LED cathodes to ground. Reviewing a 8051 datasheet will tell you why this can't work. 8051 has very low current sourcing and moderate sinking capability. So provided the port current is sufficient to drive your LED, it must be connected with LED anode to VCC and cathode via suitable series resistor to port pin, writing 0 t
Hi, I am new programmer in micro scale and I wanna work on AVR Atmega32. I have code for 8051 micro(c and header file),and I need convert this code for use in AVR I don't know whats the meaning of code : unsigned char volatile xdata CH375_CMD_PORT _at_ 0xBDF1; unsigned char volatile xdata CH375_DAT_PORT _at_ 0xBCF0; I thin
Hi, Please help me I'm beginner with 8051 assembly. I want below Assembly code with using internal and external interrupt in 8051: user first enter 2 digit on keypad and this is 0.1 of generating frequency(so we could generate frequency in 100 ta 990 interval) and then user press * then enter another 2 digit that give us duty cycle of (...)
Hi, I write sample code for using interrupt but when i simulate it into Proteus P1.1 is 0 from start and without pressing interrupt button ORG 0 LJMP MAIN EX0ISR: CLR P1.1 RETI ORG 0030H MAIN: MOV A,#00000111B MOV P2,A MOV IE,#85H SETB IT
hello there, i want to understand if i interface the eeprom to 8051 then will it be a von neuman architecture. can anybody help me to understand the basic of this.
(for 8051 or any other micro-controller) In my program I have a variable u= 2; another variable v= user defined(user can enter any no using keypad); now u=v will it change the value of "u" permanently? I mean when I will turn of the system and then turn it on again "u" will again get value 2. I want that value of "u" will be remain same
Hi, I am currently using AT89C2051 to measure the width of two PWM signals connected to two external interrupts (INT0 and INT1) available on pins P3.2 and P3.3 respectively. Now, I need to measure another PWM signal using external interrupt. I wanted to know whether there is some 8051 based CHEAP controller (preferably without ADC and (...)
If you want to make a proprietary wireless connectivity between two device for example your own wireless mouse with your own USB dongle (with same or similar chip) then you can use this chip. It is not BLE device. No need of an external microcontroller because it is already having many peripherals, advanced 8051 core, DMA etc. But just a reminder,
Can we connect or provide interfacing between 8051 microcontroller and DMA controller? If yes then how? Please provide full information about it?
Hello, i have problem with configuring my parameters using ZB_WRITE_CONFIGURATION command. i am using ZNP CC2530 ZStack, i connect the cc2530 to an external 8051 uc through SPI interface, everything is working fine, i get all expected bytes from CC2530, but i have found that nothing of the parameters i changed by explicitly is really changed. f
I want to know how the 8 input data lines and 8 output data lines are combined internally. hi, Internally the 8051 Port pins are set by the program as Inputs or Outputs, depending upon whether its a Read or Write operation from the external memory. Likewise the external memory IC will set its pins to Input or Output depending upon th
How is the programmer intended to work? A PIC16 won't be able to store the complete 8051 image internally. Unless it uses an external RAM, it has to reecive the hex-file in small pieces and the sending application must be paused until the next block can be send. XON/XOFF handshake would be a possible means to achieve this.
hi i am trying too use two external interrupts of 8051 so i wrote a code for that but only interrupt 0 is executing but interrupt 2 is not. i am just enabling timer 0 interrupt ex_intr1 and ex_intr2. project details is as follows 1) Start the timer and ex_intr1 with ex_intr high priority. 2)till the timer overflows increment the variable
You'll find a clear timing digram of "external Data Memory Write Cycle" in 89C51 hardware description. Data is put on P0 during nWR low, for about 6 clock cycles. But how do yout want to latch the data in the second 8051? It has no bus device interface or input capture feature. The idea simply doesn't work. You can of course set the data stat