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see also this link (fonts cration): maybe usefull also for icon creation....
Friends, Can anyone suggest a 8051 simulator (gui IDE) Compatible with Windows 7 . My notebook doesn't support Windows XP. The more the choices are the more I'll be helped. Thanks in Advance. :smile:[
Try using LABVIEW (National Instruments). what interface you are using between PC and 8051??
hi,friends i made a project of temperature controller and want to display the value of temperature in MATLAB gui and want to draw the plot of temp. data continuously in MATLAB.give me guidance how to make program in MATLAB to fulfill above task.
hi I want to start experimenting uC/gui, interfancing a T6963C controller with an aduc 8051 uC. I can't find the low level interface routines (LCD_X....) for this configuration can anyone help me? Welcome to any other suggestion, example files, docs, etc, thanks
i can post the boot-loader developed by me if u want. it is a generic one and can work on any 8051 uc. it can also program the flash chip while downloading. the gui on pc side is still under development the architrave is assumed to be von unman type. Hock
Take a look at
Does anyone have 8051 C code for controlling a graphic LCD? tnx ...