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hello mates; I have written the code for displaying characters on 16*2 lcd with 8051 in C language (in 8 bit mode); however i could not see any output on my Proteus simulator. I checked my code again and again, can i have your expert looks please... thanks & regards, Pravin B here is code::::::::: #include sbi
I am new to Microcontrollers..need urgent help with the code.. Follwing is the code to display a single message on the sound of a clap using 8051 #include #define port P1 #define dataport P2 //Data port for lcd #define sec 1000 //CONTROL PINS sbit rs = port^0; sbit rw = port^1; sbit e = port^2; sbit sensor_input=P0^0;
Is there any simulator for 8051 that simulate everything like lcd module and keyboard interface ,ADC interface and we work as we are work as real time.
among built in sims for 8051 based mcus: keil uvision2 BIPOM Micro IDE Franklin Proview Raisonance RIDE mite want to check everything out, to suit ur needs..
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