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Hi, I am testing a simple program of blinking two leds with 8051 uC, one led will blink all the time and another will toggle during an interrupt. I am using proteus simulator and keil v5. Debugging step by step of the code in keil shows it ok while running the code is not giving satisfactory output with interrupt (...)
I'm start to learn 8051 by designing a blinking led circuit. One of my effect seems to have problem, I think it is because of my code because other effects worked. Please help me check if there is something missing Effect2: mov r1,#5 start2: mov a,#0FFh port0: rlc a lcall sdelay mov P0,a cjne a,#0
HI, I wrote code for led blinking start turn ON led wait for some time (delay ) turn OFF led // led blinking c code //start //turn ON led // wait for some time (delay ) // turn OFF led include // header file for (...)
Hi I am aashish, I am a pure beginner to 8051 microcontrollers and want to Blink a led connected to port 1 with it (as my first test). It is my habit to start any thing from groundup....... I performed the following steps, 1. Generate Hex file from keil uVision 2. Flash the AT89S52 with this hex file using a 8051 programmer. 3. (...)
Hi guys,i want to modified code to show blink led difference,how to optimized the code.when i click one show one way and click again show other way. #include #include unsigned char tmod=0; unsigned char i ,j,tmp; void delay_1ms(void) { unsigned int i; for (i=1;i<(unsigned int)(1144-2);i++); } void delay_ms(u
Dear members I have a code regard led chaser (8051). i want to control speed of blinking by external preset variable resister and 2nd thing is i want to lock pattern which is running at the same time sir please help me if can edit code which is shown below then please help me sir.. (...)
It's very easy. Search in google for "8051 interrupt".
I'm working on a project about remote controlled house (home automation). This is for my capstone project which I'm working on.:smile: I want to send SMS messages from my mobile phone to a Telit GM862 GSM device and those messages need to pass throw UART to a 8051 microcontroller (Atmel AT89S8253). The microcontroller needs to understand them as
Looks like the 555 is configured to be pulse generator....These pulse can be counted by 8051 by setting it in counter mode & then the counted pulses could be used to control the blinking rate or the leds...That would be much easier & it should work...
You can program 8051 to have delay(s) dependant on two pins: increase and decrease .. Adding external timer to change something while a microcontroller is seating nearby doesn’t make sense .. Rgds, IanP :|
post your code. regards kj
I have a USB programmer for Atmega8. I am familier with 8051 / 89s51 family and used it with ISP programmer (using assembly language). I am not able to Blink a led using Atmega8 microcontroller, I am new to this. Can some one suggest a simple schematic and assembly code (if possible with little logic behind). Thanks Raoof
hi i need a 8051 led blinking project im using AT89C52 serial port rs232 db9 12Mhz frequency and need it in vb or c++ and need the code works 100% because i need to establish a serial connection with my pc thanks.
Re-design your circuit (and software) in such a way that a relay (or led) is activated when 8051's pin goes low .. When (and this always happens) on power-on pins go high you don't need to do anything as it's their reset value (#FFh for all ports), and for you it's just inactive stage .. Regards, IanP
hi :D this is a good book, it is good for beginners, it depend on the 8051 family microcontrollers. and it describes the keil C compiler it full by exapmles.(start from blinking led to creat your own operating system). it called Embedded C you can download it from the next link.
Salam this is a good book, it is good for beginners, but it needs to have an experience in c programming. it depend on the 8051 microcontrollers. it full by exapmles.(start from blinking led to creat your own operating system). you can download it from the next link. good luck