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Hi folks, I have a problem with my random led blinker on fpga. 3-4 leds are turning "on" at the same time. Although it is random, what I want is that only one led will be "on" at a time. It seems that there is a problem with my code that the leds are overlapping there on and off states. Before one (...)
Hi there I am developing a software with nucleo-h743zi board. it has a st-link programmer on board. when I run a led blinker example, I can program and debug my code successfully. but when I add freeRTOS and LwIP , .... to my software, I can program my MCU but I can't debug it. I am using IAR IDE. it shows this message: 157931[/ATT
I recently got TI control card for F2837X cpu ( ) I am using CCS as an IDE. I am trying to first understand how to flash a simple led blink program to the board and debug it. But struggling with it. I connected the control card to computer with USB c
Dear Microwaves Colleagues, An issue with complex characteristic impedances has recently been reported with the RF Python package scikit-rf, which has led to many discussions. Maybe people here would have interesting advices o
Hi all, I have requirement for a display PCBA, It has some 7-seg leds display (used for home appliance). I met a problem: after a certain time, one or several segments were broken and no light. (error rate about 0.5%) To solve this trouble, our supplier (an IDH) who designed my PCBA said he must design the new 7-seg led with integrated Zener dio
Please let me know I have 89c52 and I want to program in this manner that counter counts by external interrupt by push button 0 to 500. When it reaches 10 glow led1 and at 15 glow led2 at 25 glow led1 again at 30 glow led2 and so on till 500. unsigned int Counter = 0; void ext0_isr(void) interrupt 0 {. Counter++; (...)
I am using PIC16F886 4mhz crystal Timer1 interrupt with 1ms . i am trying to build timer application. When top display == bottom display the process should stop. Top display Set value Bottom Display shows process value. Top display set usually in time format if value 0210 means if led_SS==0 02Sec 10ms led_MS==0 02Min 10S led_HM==0 02H
I agree, the code is very badly formatted and confusing to say the least. Additionally, the resistor packs in the schematic seem to do nothing useful. The Arduino end should work but all it does is make pin 13 high when it receives 0x02, note this is not the character '2' which has ASCII code 0x32. I can't make any sense of the 8051 end, the sche
led panel model -> F3 LIGHT with a total of 16 columns and 8 rows of leds. 5v power and controlled by an Atmega 88 and being excited by 2 TLC5940. I have 4 equal panels and some are with the TLC5940 (some are burned) and other panels are with the Atmega 8 burned. My question is whether I can make a copy of the good atmega and save it to the (...)
Hello, I've stumbled with the circuit in the attached image. 157657 It is a DC-DC converter which uses a small ferrite transformer, driver by two oscillating BJT. The output is then rectified to generate a DC output voltage. It is pretty simple, works just fine. The switching frequency is about 14 kHz and the outpu
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Hi guys, this mp3 players lcd went black (dead led backlight) and I measured the voltage at connector and it was rated 24volts for 3 leds!, I replaced 1 led and used another pin for it, it worked but the D256A ic gets really hot and shuts the device down after a couple of seconds. (even without my led connected), this also (...)
I need help with NIMH Button cell battery I want to Trickle charge this battery for 5 years on my smoke detector alarm stand buy current is 40 mA here is my schematic /circuit I use this is my calculation please tell me if I am right on my calculation 10.4 volt /8.4 volt =2 volt/ 1k8 resistor =1.1 mA Please advise me if you can Thanking you in
Hi! I designed a dimmer for 230VAC 50Hz for a few GU10 led bulb with the classic 555 PWM circuit. It basically works but I have some major issues could you help me to improve it? 157452 The basic concept: 555 based PWM tuned around 500Hz rectified AC for the led bulb (the 10k on the circuit)
Hello everyone, I have this project where I should put a switch between a powerbank and a phone, and I should be able to control it by a microcontroller. So I found that a reed relay and a transistor is what I need but don"t have any refrences or idea of how to do it. So any help would be very appreciated. thank you
I have PIC18F45k40. I am trying to communicate with LOra module. Can someone suggest me simple example to send At command and get response for same. i have attached datasheet for reference.157464
hello, i turn around this probleme since any days did many tests without succes .. Impossible to get the ACK from slave device with A PIC16F1619 as Master I2C. I am using I2C remappable from MikroC This PIC uses PPS to map IN/OUT and fonctions I tested the I2C Bus with a SSD1306 LCD, a RTC DS3231 and an LCD+PCF8754 .. same problem On teh data s
Hi All, I'm not sure if this thread should be in Analog or Digital but here it goes. I'm trying to find out why the next circuit was done. It is an op amp configured as a voltage follower. The input of the op amp is an PWM and the output is connected to the control voltage of an led driver ( to control the string current). I wonder why
hai i have watched a video that display a circuit 1.5 to 220v ac inverter is it true plz must ans me if its
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