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Hi are you using any micro stepping drivers or just directly with 8051
if you are starting in micro controller area then i will recommend a book of The 8051 microcontroller And Embedded Systems Using Assembly And C bcoz in this book all basic covered with assembly and c. and also covered interface peripherals.
"Programming and Interfacing the 8051 microcontroller in C and Assembly" ISBN 0-9633257-1-X Programming and Interfacing the 8051 in C and Assembly
Serial Interface of computer with microcontroller 8051 and PIC is expalaned here on following links. Serail interface by using PIC16f877a microcntroller with computer (PC) see here
hi, check 8051 micro controller book by mazidi. this book has both hardware and software examples.
I would recomend "Programming and customising the 8051 microcontroller" by Kennith Ayala Or Myke Phredko. Cheers
i want to know i can interface 0808 adc with 8051 microcontroller by programming and also by hardwiring.plz help me
hi, refer 8051 micro controller by mazidi book for examples of delay generation. here is my sample code DELAY:;REG USED R4,5,6,7 crystal:11.0592mhz ;CPL P3.6 ;1S DELAY STARTS HERE{1000*1MS} MOV R4,#04H;1C DL3: MOV R5,#249D;1C ;1MS DELAY STARTS HERE{922*1.085*E-6}=1.00037*E-3 DL2: MOV R7,#02H;1C --- DELAY D1: MOV R6,
search for 8051 by mazidi book
i want to make a project on keyboard lcd interfacing with atmega micro controller.I have sme basic knwlegde about 8051 uc.can u please help me?
Can anyone tell me the 8051 books that only have the done project with the 8051 microcontroller. And also tell about what type of the project we do in the future by the 8051 also tell the feature of the 8051.
I will suggest this book! The Final Word on the 8051 Cheers, Sarang ---------------------------------------- microcontroller discussions, schematics and codes!
i wana interface micro controller 8051 with ADC0804 LCN 8bit how can i do i need code for interfaceing with 8 bit binary data. and cir diagram
hai in 8051 based micro controllers only port 0 does not have the internal pull up so if u r connecting it directly to any external circuits,u must connect a pullup know the function of pullup resistors u can read any book delaing with 8051 family sunish