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Hi Guys , We Are Offering 8051 Series USB Programming kit In India From Willar As thier National Representatives .This is not the open source kit they offer but the "Enhanced kit " .Please Find Construction Details . "Guys, You All Know that i sell Sofitech Products .This includes their programming (...)
I want the microcontroller that is used the most of the universities and colleges and is easy to learn and related to 8051's programming. I want the microcontroller to be fast, easy to use and matches for many projects. If you wish to remain close to 8051 architecture consider using ISP and higher versions like At
You mean something like that Synthesizeable VHDL Model of 8051 Alex
i have to design wimax modulate by myself because its kit is expensive and this technology i am using is only to inform my remote n/w only one thing.The mac layer has been done in c and this will be in microcontroller 8051.The bits that will be out will be remdomized,DFT perform on it ,thn it will be FEC encoded .atlast it wil be modulated (...)
If you have never worked with the microcontrollers, It is not a big deal, I do not know about 8051, But If you want to work with Atmel or PIC chip, then there is plenty of help availabe on the internet. For microcontrollers, all you need to worry about is: 1: Oscillator, connected to two pins 2: Power supply probably, mostly two pins (...)
HI This is a modification for my last posts. After consultations with my department and seniors I have decided to do a project of constructing an 8051 trainer kit. I am thinking of incorporating microcontroller interface with 8255 programmable ports, LCD, LED dispalys, keyboard for data input by user and interface with a computer. It will (...)
The output of the HMC1052 is a differential voltage. I'm not an expert on 8051 family, but most microcontroller ADCs take single-ended voltage. Figure 2 in the HMC1052 datasheet shows how to convert the differential to single-ended using an opamp (U2) in a difference configuration. The same figure shows a set/reset circut, which is also required
hi friend. u ask for a programmer for 8051 . acc to me its best method is efy u can find it easily from electronics for u.there author tell lot of programmeer. u plz check and made at89c51 or at89s51 . as at89s51 is easy and can beformed only in small cost so go to made for it . if u need any other helpthen tell me i will definately help u .
hi i m trying to make 8051 microcontroller programming kit i got its circuit from "Easy-Downloader V2.0 for ATMEL 89C51/52/55 89S51/52 " is it right digram for this kit but i could't made 89c51 ez52.hex because it need spi downloader but i did't get spi downloader circuit diagram from this site can anybody help me
You can download 8085's data sheet from here: This old microcontroller is very similar to 8051, so I think you will be able to adopt any available for 8051 software to 8085. This can be also helpful: 8085 virtual kit Regards,
Here is a link to 8051 microcontroller extended system: If you build it for your training purposes, you will never regret a little bit of extra effort, but you will be able to test a I/O device, internal/external EPROM/ROM, internal/external RAM etc. Go for it, mate ..
Hie! I am facing some problems while I am trying to send data from my 8051 microcontroller to my bluetooth module. I've bought a Fet@89c5x Programmable General Purpose 8051 microcontroller Development kit from my lecturer. The circuit board consists of a ready-to-be-used microcontroller (...)