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Hi, I want to generate 3 phase spwm using 8051 for v/f control of induction motor and i am only little bit know about programing of 8051 so i need help in code for generation of spwm for 6 MOSFEs of 3 phase inverter. thanks..
i am doing a counter programing in 8051 using asm language inorder to count pulses at p3^4 pin for 1second here i have programmed one timer as timer & another timer as counter when i simulate this program it is working fine but it's showing different count on hardware when i reset at different instance please figure out what is problem in my pro
No, unless you compile them into a Real Time embedded OS, just one is allowable to run at a time, due you have just one core inside 8051. +++
Hi dear, i m also using usb programmer but for AVR mcu's... i think programing is same for every controller.. i m using BASCOM-AVR for compiling the program and BASCOM it self generate the .hex file... i have some windows application that come with my avr-programmer i use to program my controller - - - Updated - - - h
I have developed a USBASP based on: USB 8051/AVR programmer - Free 8051 Microcontroller projects Microcontroller Projects: USB 8051 (89 series) & AVR Microcontroller
put your program and the problem you are facing in the code... and refer this 8051 /INT0 External Interrupt Example Program ---------- Post added at 15:32 ---------- Previous post was at 15:29
hello ...i need some help in gnerating time delay of exact 5 second does this code is corect..?? but in simulation and in hardware it does not work ... _______________________________________________________________________ #include unsigned char Ali={0,1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128}; sbit led=P1^1; unsigned char k,i; void delay() { TMO
INTRODUCTION TO INTELLIGENT SOLAR TRACKING SYSTEM this is my final project all over work done but i have one proplam in controller programing plz help me
Hello Everyone I have a philips Programmer but programing atmel clock HEX File in Philips do not work. The programmer is Fine & Read the Loaded HEX file . Please Tell me What is Wrong with me that AT89C51 works but P98C51 do not. Help needed Urgent................
hello frnds recently i have started programing for 8051, i am facing one problem, i am making led flasher with 6 diffrent patterns...all i wanted is to call them one by one by pressing one single switch like 1st pres=pattern 1 2nd pres=pattern 2 3rd pres=pattern 3 4th pres=pattern 4 5th pres=pattern 5 6th pres=pattern 6 and if i press the
Hi every body ! i have a project with 8051 . I want to design a tachometer . Many people use pic or avr but with me , i'm a newbie so i start learning MC with 89s52 and use assembly for programing . Program button and lcd is so so ! But i have trouble with counter in 8051 . Please show me how to count pulses in 1s -> pulses in 60s
I have a small problem with c code in programing 8051! I connect 2 button to p2.0 and p2.1 . Button 1 to increase value Parameter2 and button 2 to decrease value Parameter2 . I compare this Parameter2 with another Parameter1 = Th0*256 +TL0 ! If parameter 2 > parameter 1 then p3.0 =1 contrary p3.1 =1 . Plz help me write this c code! I really need it
y don't u use a PIC microcontroller ?? because i know the 8051 programing not the pic
Before you connect LCD to 8051 try something simpler: a button (momentary switch) and an LED .. How to poll a button that turns on an LED? Here is an example (hardware reference: see attached picture): ORG 0000H ; Execution starts here LOOP:SETB P0.3 ; Make port P0.3 as input port MOV C,P0.3
DEAR FRIENDS, I AM NEWLY ENTERING INTO FPGA programming. can some one tel me the steps, like we do in keil compiler for 8051 programing. first compile the c file then the compiler will give the .hex output then we convert it to the binary file and then that binary file is burnt into the microcontroller. same way what are the steps fo
I am programing a 8051 chip in c. I have to use a keypad to increment and decrement numbers. If I push the increment or decrement key to many times (20) the program jumps to another section of code. Sometimes it puts characters all over the screen. Any help would be appreciated.
book? I dont know. but datasheets for hitachi alphanumeric lcd are available. I can give my work of codelock using Keil Compiler for 8051.
plz refer to 8051 microcontroller by ALI MAZIDI
my dear friend, i advise you to discard keil and use c franklin for programing 8051. i have c-franklin software and full circuit and its software for uploading hex code in 8051 family micro controler .if it is helpful for you please send me a request post to send it for you. my email:
well if you want to learn the atmel 8051 controler then the best book is by mazidi .searh the net you will find it in pdf format