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Hello, I am new to embedded. Could you please suggest some kit so that it will support our new generation technology? I just know about 8051. I had programmed 8051 long back once. Basically I am very new. Could you anyone please suggest somethings like 1. kit 2. How to program it? 3. IOT supported like that? 4. (...)
Try silicon laboratories 8051-005
Hi Guys , We Are Offering 8051 Series USB programming kit In India From Willar As thier National Representatives .This is not the open source kit they offer but the "Enhanced kit " .Please Find Construction Details . "Guys, You All Know that i sell Sofitech Products .This includes their (...)
Hello all, Can someone share how to add a self test code on FPGA and how is that implemented together with hardware. I have also seen certain hex codes for 8051 kit self test. How BISt is achieved? Thanking you in anticipation. Regards, Sonika
I want the microcontroller that is used the most of the universities and colleges and is easy to learn and related to 8051's programming. I want the microcontroller to be fast, easy to use and matches for many projects. If you wish to remain close to 8051 architecture consider using ISP and higher versions like At
Hi, im a 2nd year electronics engg. student and i recently recieved an LPC 1114 expresso kit. I find it really difficult to start with the code red IDE programming. I just have some basic knowledge in 8051. Can anybody guide me as to how to start with this LPC1114 microcontroller?? i even find it difficult to follow the example C programs (...)
Hi, The PSoC1 core was M8C whereas PSoC3 has an 8051 core and hence the programming codes and instructions as well as registers will be different. Cypress has some very good example projects in PSoC3 with ADC and I2C published in their website. You can use them as a reference and start building your project. Regards, Anitha
hi i m trying to make 8051 microcontroller programming kit i got its circuit from "Easy-Downloader V2.0 for ATMEL 89C51/52/55 89S51/52 " is it right digram for this kit but i could't made 89c51 ez52.hex because it need spi downloader but i did't get spi downloader circuit diagram from this site can anybody help me
hi please help me for download 8051 programming kit's circuit diagram from which site can i download it
does somebody have experience at programming Chipcon product CC1010? It is a transceiver+8051 uC I just bought the develoment kit (waiting for it; it'll arrive next week) I'd like to know what's the maximum sample rate I could use one of the ADCs at 8bits precision and send that data to a PC. Could I get a data rate of 64kbps? (...)