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hello everyone!!! I'm using 8051 micro controller to measurement height of an object and human using HC SR 04 ultrasonic sensor, the problem is im getting 2 to 10 cm reading... what should i do??? is it possible to measure height using same sensor?????? Thanks
129159 org 0000h mov p1,#0FFh mov p0,#0000h Back:setb p3.6 clr p3.5 mov r3,#255 loop: djnz r3,loop setb p3.5 here: jb p3.4, here clr p3.6 Delay:mov r0,#08 loop2:mov r1,#255 loop1:djnz r1,loop1 djnz r0,loop2 acall Temp_Display ljmp Back Temp_display: mov a,p1 mov b, #010 div ab swap a add
The data sheets explain the methods of accessing internal ram as the following: The "8051" has 128 bytes of on-chip RAM, plus a number of Special Function Registers (SFRs). The lower 128 bytes of RAM can be accessed either by direct addressing (MOV data addr) or by indirect addressing (MOV @Ri). The SFR's can only be accessed by direct add
Hello friends, I am interfacing DS1307 with 8051, i have written code in KEIL overall working fine :-D except reading date & time :sad: please guide me finding the bug. I am able to receive only 1 byte of data. why? I am attaching my keil project with proteus simulation. Please help
zip your full code here i look at it or you can use this working lcd referance codes below.
Hey, I'm an absolute beginner to micro controllers. I've just started reading the 8051 micro controller and embedded systems by Muhammad Mazidi. I want to start with a project but all i really have right now is the at89c51 chip. i wanted to start with led interfacing using this chip. But all the links need me to have a programmable board. Is it
No pins of 8051 can accept analog voltages. So you need an adc converter. If it is a matter of reading the applied voltage only, then why don't you rectify the supply. This way you can rule out the negative half cycle... Use a rectifier & a good filter, convert it in dc, read through adc, multiply by 44( if step down is 220v - 5v) & divide by 1.414
hello friends, my major is electronics engineering, I am quite comfortable with 8 bit micro-controllers (8051, AVR, PIC) and I also know the procedural and OOP languages well (C, C++, C# and so on...). What I want to learn is a good understanding of operating systems running on embedded devices, using some tool is not a problem but I want to really
dear all please i need assembly code (not c code ) for interfacing 8051 with ds18s20 temp. sensor thanks
65530, or 65535, or whatever, is not the decimal value...see the datasheet for how to convert it. The DQ line needs a pullup resistor because the device cannot drive the line high. It's also part of the 1-wire spec. It has an open drain output. For now, skip the temperature reading. Just read the ROM until you figure out what you need to f
hello everyone, I need your help for sending GPS data by GSM module using microcontroller 8051... I can not send data by gsm module which is SIM900.. Need C code or assembly code for both of them. Thank You.:-(
hi wondering if anyone can help me out with this, ive got the lcd displaying information, but i want it to display the temperature using the lm35 and adc0804 as well, using asm code. Basically i need to get the current reading from the lm35 and convert them in the adc0804 and then display that reading in degrees on the lcd display. I have found so
Yes, I know that 8051 has on chip hardware UART module. I've been referring to it as "UART module". So, do you want to transfer ADC results (from channel 0 to channel 7) one after the other to the computer? Is this the 8-channel you're referring to?
Hello, I am using SIM300 with 8051 MCU I want to read only first message after reading it i will delete those. I need suggestion which method is best to read msg i.e Interrupt or polling. Regards Kiran
If you want to build the one in the supplied schematic I suggest start by reading the datasheet of the fingerprint verification module that they are using: If you have never written code for a 8051 - start by buying a small development kit and play your way around from ther
I meant to say, that writing your own code is easier than reading an 8051. Next i suggested "lock" your microcontroller when you yourself program your own code as certainly there may be many more enquiries about how to "break" it as you have posted now:lol:
Hi Guys, so ive been putting together a 8031/8051 system on a breadboard with external PROM and going to be using external RAM, i can write to an External Memory address (by way of latch) and display the value on 8 LEDs no problem, the problem i have is i want to read an 8 bit value from a memory addresses input and then move that value to the 8
could that be an issue with translation? I had a similar problem when I was reading data from a 8051 silab micro. Without a ttl to rs232 converter (max232) my data was unreadable. Not sure if this is the same problem you are having.
Examples : Yo
Hello Friends: i'm trying to do one bit simple calc(using 8051 MCU) , which can take two numbers and operator from the Keyboard (save the numbers in RAM) then do the math the problem i'm facing , i end up having wrong numbers when reading from RAM . here's my asm code: ORG 000H JMP MAIN ORG 003H JMP INT0 ORG 100H