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Hi, show schematic. show scope picture of the outputs. Did you test if the ISR runs at all? ISR initialisation. Interrupt mask register setup Interrupts enabled? Port setup? Maybe you need to READ a different register than you WRITE (Depends on microcntroller type. I´m not experienced with 8051) Klaus
Hi Guys, I am trying to control two dc motors interfaced to the P3 of the 8051 through L293DNE. The problem is that the motors are not running continuously on their top speed. Their motion keeps breaking and they never run continuousy. The connections are as such L293DnE: 1,9,16 to 5V DC right pin of Voltage regulato
Hi, I am using AT89c51.I am making project.problom is If I write program 1780 bytes then controller runs partially & lcd shows message but keypad does not work.if I write above 2080 bytes then controller takes too time to start running. and RTC time & date not displayed.I am using USB programmer & keil(unlicensed).
Hi, schematic or picture would be great. Maybe your supply voltage drops when two motors are connected. This leads to reset of 8051. Use a larger battery, use large bulk capacitor, decouple uC supply with LC. Good luck
Hi friends I am having problem in interfacing 8051 uC with stepper motor. My aim is to rotate the stepper motor by +90 degree when i push a "UP" button once and when I push the "UP" button twice +180 degree and then +270 then 0 degree. And when I push "DOWN" button rotate by -90 degree and when I push DOWN twice -180 degree and so on. I am w
And it has absolutely nothing to do with Zigbee or 8051. It's an ADC as Peter stated and a rather old one by todays standards. If you see it in a schematic, it probably had a different function than interfacing a Zigbee device. Brian.
a schematic with a 8051 controller without the source code is pretty useless ...
hi, i am trying to interface serially with 8051 i am using ISIS , hyper-terminal and virtual com port emulator , i am using MAX232 for level conversion but after passing through max232 data become garbage , hyper-terminal show garbage characters . i am attaching my ISIS model and C code with my post . can anybody help me . One more thing my config
hi pasicr thanks for the reply and it really helped me. Hub 12 is already present in this board. Now i need is jd20ku that also i'll purchase online. but i want to know how to write the command set for this display ,its just i am curious i just want to display at-least a single character on this display through 8051 how can i do that.
I am just a beginner of 8051 micro-controller but whatever i write on the keil uVision 4 it does n`t show any error and if i load any program in Proteus simulation all program shows the same result. this is wired!!!!!!!please some one help me.
Depth (mm) Frequency(kHz) 2 8 3 3 4 2 5 1 For above table, Please send me the program using 8051 in C. Please............
check schematic of ac motor speed controller input on adc pin for zero crossing.... no code because i never worked on 8051. if you code for pic or st microcontroller i can help you.
I connected two 8255 ppi to 8051 to accessing keypad and lcd and other modules are connected in that. I attached here my schematic diagram and embedded c programming for that. while i simulating that i cant find out error. Can anyone findout?
I have edited an old 8051 LCD Program for LPC2124 which is not working. Since I'm new to ARM programming I'm not able to rectify it. I have also attached a simulation file (Proteus) as pdf (since I'm not able to upload the DSN file directly) in case it'll be helpful. #include //delay function in msec void delay(unsigned i
hiii....I am using at89s51 for two led on-off by a switch My problem is when I press the switch of pin P1.0.... I get the output only 400mV to 500mV to pin P2.0 on multimeter but LED still ON I want +5V on P2.0 how can I get it..??? I changed IC to 8052 but problem is still getting according to datasheet of 8051 Logic high is +5V but
Hi , I need to display GPS location on a LCD wireless using RF 433 module,HT12E/D and 8051. would you please provide us c code for the same? Here i am attaching my proposed hardware schematic
hi frnds i am doing led moving message display project using 89s52 microcontroller wit the help of universal shiftregister 74hc194. i dont know how to interface the 89s52 to 74hc194. please tell me frnds... also code in asm... very urgent frnds....
Hi i am using R30x module. it is a finger print module, communication is RS 232. how to start the programming, please guide me.. first i am trying to interface finger print module R30x with 8051. first i am trying to interface with PC. but it is not showing any thing on my hyper terminal. even i can not write any thing on my hyper terminal (a
Dear I have in my possession several atmel at87c58x2, according to the manual is compatible with 8051, but eh not been programmed with those there on this topic, and use it as MPPT thought and design previously used in temperature controllers ... ............ some simple programmer that end, thanks in advance
hi, i am trying to make the 8051 digital clock but the leds are not blinking someone plzzz............ suggest me what should i do:sad:
The FM24C256 is a FRAM, a non-volatile type of RAM. It uses an extended I2C interface standard. Yes. With a software I2C implementation on a standard 8051, you'll hardly achieve more than 100 kHz bus speed, so you can effectively ignore the extended stuff.
If you want to build the one in the supplied schematic I suggest start by reading the datasheet of the fingerprint verification module that they are using: If you have never written code for a 8051 - start by buying a small development kit and play your way around from ther
How do you interface Bluetooth ,infrared ,tcp/ip ? Or serially ? you should write an application in mobile using java . and communicate with 8051 ?
can anyone tell if there is a problem with this design........79770 the pcb is meant to do a simple job of asking what time delay is required which is set by means of the buttons provided at the right side and after the time is over it should switch on the relay. the problem is it dosent show anything on the lcd first hand.
If you familiar with schematic design software Proteus ISIS, there is a simulator for 8051. You can simulate complete circuit including 8051 and other components.
i actually used 8051,code seems to be rnning correctly on proteus. I'm not sure whether my glcd is wrkin because i accidently gave pin no. 18 +5v for a short while.
74768Hi all. I am getting a weird type of error.Its a simle code to count the interrupts in ten second. When i physically implement the circuit on bread board , its counting more low level signals ( grounding the pin 3.2) . Like if i ground it once it should count/display one but its displaying larger value. This code is working
hello guys..i am working on the vehicle tracking system.project have been almost done.but we want to improve our we decide to add memory device(micro sd card 1GB) which store the data of GPS in MS excel format so when passive tracking could be possible.we are not familiar with microcontroller(8051) interfacing with micro SD(memory card).
hello experts please correct the code below lcd 4 bit interfacing with 8051 #include #include #define LCDPORT P2[/FO
Hi all.. I'm working in function generator designing,here i'm using 47k potentiometer for frequency fine adjustment and frequency range selection obtained by switching of capacitors. How to make the display of frequency range and particular frequency value in LCD display? (Here using ADC0809 and 8051 microcontroller) Thanks.
My friend do you need complete project of electronic washing machine progrmator ? Its very simple, but not with 8051!
if u having more than one anologue samples to take. use one of the multichannel adc. i am sure they have a channel select input. this usually come in the form off address. which will allow you to select the channel you want to sample. i dont use 8051 but if u can try the pic i can provide u with a schematic and some code to start with. cheers[C
hlo, i am doing a project on lm35 tempreture sensor with adc 0804 using 8051 its not working plz give me suggesion about it,,,,,,,,,
for one thing you need a proper reset (RC) circuit on the reset line of the MCU. a 10uF cap from reset to VCC, and an 8.2K resistor from reset to GND. While your circuit may work for some 8051's, it won't for others so you need to install the resistor and capacitor. Let us know if it helped.
which the required length input from the customer is taken and that input must be displayed on the LCD and also it should be given in the microcontroller for future calculation... Frequency Counter using AT89C2051 and LCD (Assembly) : 8
hello sir, I need to use 8051 microcontroller to control a ADC0809 to get value. I want someone to provide sample code in c as well as assembly and schematics(8051 and ADC0809). thanks in advance
i have some problem with interfacing 8051 to keypad, code in mazidi is nt working for me.. i dont know the reason. can anyone help
Hi to all................ I trying to write data onto the SRAM and read from it but it is not happening :!: Please help me
thank u all for ur help but i need the interfacing diagram of rfmodule A315/433 with 8051 both transmitter and reciever
Please check this link for circuit diagram.... Implementing Calculator with microcontroller 8051 ~ Micro-Controller 8051: data acquisition and control system
To connect 8051 with RS232 you need something like MAX232, MAX202, or similar, that is you need an inverter/level translator, not the CD4066 which is just a switch and therefore it is useless in this application .. :wink: IanP
At last I have solved my problem myself. Thanks to all the posts of edaboard related to float variables and LCD. Thanks....Thanks...Thanks!!!! This time I have changed my assembly code to C Language. I could have done it using assembly. But C is more easy. The code is given below:- [Remember that the Vin (pin 6) of ADC0804 is using a resistan
if you use standard PC cable you have probably this cable schematic: PIC16F877 - Siemens C55 - max232 - rs232 SMS Sending : 8051 Microcontroller Projects AVR PIC Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes So you must have power supply over RTS
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Hi, i just built a servo motor controller using an 8051.the program did its job(PWM),but the problem is in the some positions the motor keeps vibrating and does not gets locked in position but it vibrates.this happens for only some positions.the code does not have a problem because i checked the output with an LED,and it worked
I don't think it can be a open drain problem... Because PORT0 only is open drain in 8051 series... If we see the schematic and code then only we could able to find the exact problem... I think Port1 and Port2 has internal pull ups...
hi.. i am working on touch sensor using MPR084 and 8051 i am not able to understand logic of how to use MPR084 as touch sensor so any one who knows plz help me ...
I have connected my adc0808 with at89c52 via 2 D flipflops... I wanted to provide the Vref voltage as an input to the adc . I have connected a pot to the Vref so that I can change the Vref value. I wanted to know what changes i have to make in the program and which channels to select?I have programmed in asm
Final code : MMC/SD Card interfacing : 8051 Microcontroller Projects AVR PIC Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes
there is no problem with the schematic.i think you have done something wrong in the code.there is a 8051 microcontrollers by mazidi book excellent for this kind of confusing programming.consult it for keypad code.