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i have watching this video ( ) , but this video don't tell me about programming device (AT89C51). can someone tell me about the step for make its hex file on keil uvision (4) ? :smile: this is its code : #include // header fil
hello i am a beginner in iar workbench, i used to work with keil so i have some questions i want to know how can i do the following on iar 1- how can i check the size of the code written? 2- where can i show the watch window and show the SFR and so on, so i can simulate the hardware or even debug if i have the hardware needed?
WHY the crystal frequency is selected 11.059MHz.....any reason?? what is the use of watchdog timer????..... thanks
Dear All, do any body know how i get these kind of animation generation sw for MMDs?? YouTube - 40X14 LED Matrix 8051-RS232 YouTube - REKLAMA DIODOWA LED MATRIX 2815
Digital watch using 8051 atmel + the Proteus file
Hallo, Can you help me with SORCE CODE for Stop watch? Its for 8051. I have Dynamic Display (three numbers) and 3 buttons (start, pause, reset). Save my life anyone pls. :cry: U need on C or assembly?
as I ever use , simulator can sim your 8051 coding and you can watch 8051 IO port 0/1 .. and setting flag for debug .. some 8051 simulator IO can connect "fake" 7-seg LED ..and show something but , when you finsih simulation . you still need hardware eumation again , make sure hardware IO or interrupt ..
Hi every1!!! well frndz, i'm given a task of interfacing PC with a 8051 ?C (of course using serial port). on the PC i'll be developin a GUI which will probably have 3 (or more) toggle buttons as i press a button the FAN, BULB or TUBE_LIGHT attached with the ?C turns off or on. i'm not good @ programmin. anywayz i've wriiten a code... plz chk it n
Below is a link to a microcontroller based clock: Although it is based on the AT892051 the hardware + software are 8051-compatibile .. And here is a link on how to interface a LCD display:
Please any body provide me 8051 based disgital LED watch Schematic & Source code, I am urgent in need of it. With LED diriving circuit for jumbo LEDs
As I know, Intel still hold the patent on 8051's I/O port structure, but that on micro-code was expired. As long as you do not make use of the same I/O port structure, it should be no patent issue.