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hi, I did not use that pic controller. But i will give example coding for keypad. below code is 8051 code for 4x4 matrix. #include #define lcd P0 #define key P2 void delay(); void datas(unsigned char); void cmd(unsigned char); void lcdint(unsigned char); sbit rs=P0^4; sbit en=P0^5; unsigned char keypad = {'0','1','2','3',
Could you please explanin me how to initialize lcd under I2C bus? I used PCF8574T based I2C module to interface lcd. However, I am confusing how to write the command and data in efficient manner.
Check the download on below, right side, it has demo code for 8051 125608
Hello, I bought GPS receiver VK16E and now i want to interface with At89c2051. This is the first time i am working with GPS and i have poor knowledge on micro C. But I have done several progarmming by using assembly. So i will be very glad if somebody can guide me for following matters. 1. Can i interface VK16E dirrectly to the microcontroll
I have written a keypad and lcd interfacing with 8051 program. I works properly when I don't you scrolling command. but when my display data exceed 16 characters then it get data from keypad but instead of show that pressed key it shift display one position. even I use command 0xC0. it never come to second line. I tried it on proteus (...)
zip your full code here i look at it or you can use this working lcd referance codes below.
my objective is to read message sent by some mobile number on the SIM connected to gsm module.. lcd connected to 8051 i did followed so many tutorials all of those are really confusing.. they just explain the setup and then skip to the code.. i just want a step by step explanation for programming for this objective
I tried interfacing rtc with 8051 to display hour,min,sec but got seconds alone displayed on lcd with an error logic contentions on data bus
Which variant of 8051 you are using like AT89c51, AT89c52 etc. I already interface 128x64 with AT89c51 without any problem, However, I could able to display few images because of small EEPROM inside
If your RF module is 5V TTL Compatible then connect Rx of RF module to Tx of 8051 UART and Tx of RF to Rx of 8051 UART. Write ISR code to receive data sent from transmitter. If the data is not a string then end the buffer with a '\0' and send the buffer to lcd.
HI, I am trying to read msg from gsm modem, Sometimes it happens bt sometimes i m unable to read msg,it is giving a junk value on lcd. I m using below codes to read msg from modem. I have downloaded these codes from net can u guys please help me by providing me mistakes in these codes. So i read msg properly. void main (void) { rw=0
i am unable to display the rpm speed of my motor on lcd screen. While debugging in keil, I get all values correct. But when i load the program in the 8051 controller IC, it doesnt display value on lcd screen. It shows 0 rpm continuously. Here is the code. please help. #include #define lcdDATA P2 sbit (...)
@udayan99 SBUF = Serial Buffer and SCON = Serial Control registers in 8051. You got confused SBUF of 8051 with SSPBUF of PIC. Missing P3 = 0x03; //UART pins config ES = 1; Enable Serial interrupt
Hi, I am making a project related to GSM module in which i just want to send message but the error i am facing is how i connect that modem to microcontroller and how i get the output of GSM module on lcd 1602. i.e. Firstly When i send AT command to the GSM modem how i get OK on my lcd . Waiting for the Best Reply. Thank you :)
Check this link This is full tutorial about interfacing lcd with 8051 with c source code in keil
Try mikroC PRO 8051 Demo Compiler. It generates .hex file for code less than 2 KB. It has lcd and Keypad libraries. It will be easy for you. Download the compiler from I have checked and the compiler supports AT89LV51. - - - Updated - - - The attached file should be extracted using winrar. You w
when i am trying to simulate in Proteus it comes with error here is the program(programed in mikroc pro for 8051 and microcontroller is at89s51) sbit lcd_RS at P0_0_bit; sbit lcd_EN at P0_1_bit; sbit lcd_D4 at P2_4_bit; sbit lcd_D5 at P2_5_bit; sbit lcd_D6 at (...)
I am interfacing at89s52 with 16*2 lcd. Problem is that lcd don't shows the character that I have written in the code. it shows some random character or weird character. Plz chk my code if it's correct or not: #include sfr ldata=0x90; sbit rs=P3^7; sbit rw=P3^6; sbit en=P3^5; void delay() { TMOD = 0x01; TH0 = 0x0
I was using adc0831 and lm35 with at89s52. Now I am using adc0804 instead. I have written the code, it simulates on proteus but not running on the hardware. I am posting the code I have written. Plz mention if there is any problem. Problem: when I use while (intr == 1) lcd only shows black boxes. and without this statemen
Hi, I am interfacing a 16x2 lcd with AT89c51 microcontroller. Attached is the design file and c code for the same. I am getting a logic contention warning on proteus. I have checked my code many times but couldn't find anything. Please Help. Thanks code #include sbit rs=P2^5; sbit rw=P2^6; sbit en=P2^7; sbit busy=P3^7;