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Maybe your programmer dont support parallel programming, in that case you cant program 89c2051, but you can use 89S2051.
I found this circuit and if i made this circuit can i copy the ic from another locked ic? Yes it is, but dont mix 89S51, 89S52, 89S2051,..... with 89c51, 89C52, 89c2051.... you cant program older uC with C mark on this programmer
I am designing a digital counter using 89c2051 or 89c51 and 16x2 LCD Display and relay for switching purpose. How to get the previous counter value of microcontroller when there is a sudden power-cutoff or power failure to the device. I want the count value present at the time of power failure.. Anyone help in (...)
Hi I am designing digital clock using 89c51, approximately every thing is complete successfully, but I want to make a one master clock that will send serial data to slave clocks, and slave clocks will show that received data. In the slave clocks I want to use 89c2051, due to its small size. I am not a student, and I have (...)
We design light chaser working on 220v using 89c2051/89c51/89C52/89s52. We also design LED matrix which are non cascading type (30 channels of chaser will require 30 output pins) and to work with various types of LED patterns to run. We are looking for people from INDIA to work part time who will be required to write source code for the (...)
hi 89c51 has 4kB flash and 40 pins 89c2051 has 2kB flash and 20 pins and U can use these circuits to make the prgrmr
Hi This is nice tool learning programing for newbie in quick way support atmel 8051 series of microcontroller 89c51,89c52 and 89c2051 this work as under. * Direct keyboard entry mode no need of P-C * Serial port intreface mode all detail and software in side the archive hope friends and newbie like this