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hi sujeetha. the best approach will be to use the timers in the 89c51 as a counter. for example u can make use of two timers for this purpose. the first timer should act as a gating device to the second timer just like the conventional frequency counter. it can be made to enable the second timer at an interval of say one (...)
sir can we make device for measuring 2ghz using 89c51
hey can some one give me some hints how to detect rf signals to display frequency on lcd.
Hello saurav frequency:- No. of pulses/1sec With help of uC 89c51 you can measure only 0-5V pulses. Therefor is your triangular wave have amplitude with in this range? if not then convert triangular wave to square wave. then connect this to int1/INT0, Configure timer2 for one second using 16 bit auto reload. Before stating measurement init
hello,i m working on a project of measuring online freq using 89c51.Can u help in making the project repotr.plzz
Hi , can be quiet simple but still i want to ask what's the maximum frequency i can measure with 89c51 running on 24MHz crystal. i want to design a frequency meter using these basic two components... thanks
Some body knows how to make a 89c51 MCU to divide the frequency TheSniper (+)