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Hello Can Anyone Help me to interfacing RTC DS1307(I2C) with 89c51. Is pwm code is needed to give clock to RTC. Please Give me C code if any one have or give me idea to write code step by step. Description: I want to automate 6 valves using RTC Timing and by that time i also want to create files and folder in my computer database. I am n
pls send me c program code for generation of pwm pulses by using atmel 89c51 microcontroller and having variable duty ratio
hi everyone i want to do one project like i want to interface dc motor by using the driver ic l293d with microcontroller 89c51 RD2 IC by using the concept of pwm can anyone help in that....
thnku bigDog... kindly tell me how can i control 6 servos with single timer...? recently i control 2 motors and use 2 timers for pwm after that i cannot control 3rd motor... what is the number of devices which can b interfaced with 89c51 ..?
hi guys, can anybody help me with sample c code for 3 phase pwm generation in 89c51 of 50Khz for various duty cycle.
hi all, i'm new in programming 89c51 and i just wrote a program for free running pulse generator with 1KHZ and 10% duty cycle, can u guys take a look on it and tell me if it is ok or there something wrong. note: the Freq.osc.=12MHZ and machine cycle = 1 us include org 0 MOV P0,#0 MOV TMOD,#01H ; timer 0 mode 1 AGAIN: SETB P0.0
Hi, I am trying to use PCA in 89c51ed2 in pwm mode. I am using it to control light dimming circuit. After lot of efforts i am unable to get any output. I thought it to be straight forward in data sheet, but i guess its not. Has anyone dealt with PCA in 8051s before.? Thanks in advance john