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i used a RL=47Kohm and a pcf8591t adc , i interfaced the analog Vout of the mQ-7 sensor with one of pcf8591 analog input pins then how should i interface the pcf with the 89c51 microcontroller ? if there any thing wrong with the things that i have interfaced plz tell me .. this is for my project and pls (...)
hi guys pls help me for programming for temp and humidity sensorsy-hs-220 interfacing with 89c51. pls i need it urgently See this example (register on site to get full access to material, registration is free) : How to interface Humidity sensor with 8051 Microcontroller (AT89c51) www.en
I want to interface LM75 temp sensor with 89c51. But i need help with how to bitbang the code.. Can someone provide me the code to be loaded in the uC to continously read the temp from lm75 and display it on a 16x2 lcd.. An algorithm is also appreciated.
I have to interface an NPN proximity switch to uC 89c51... Please help me with a schematic on how to connect the sensor and how to code it.. The sensor is NPN and takes 5 to 24V input supply. And it gives the same at o/p..
The SHM75 sensor belongs to the I2C family and as a such needs two lines to connect with a microcontroller: SCK(clock) and SDA(data) .. see picture below .. As you intend to use 89c51 you can select virually any two pins, for example P1.0 and P1.1 .. Some designers use pins from P0 port because of their Open Drain configuration .. Keep in mind t
KDear friends, I am making a simple temperature measurement device. I?m using LM35 with 24-bit ADC and 89c51. Please tell me how to feed value from 24 bit adc to 8 bit registers of 89c51 and how to perform calculations for decimal (I?m designing for 0.1 degree Celsius accuracy). I have to display the result on 7-segment displays. Th
Hi, Do any body had interfaced DS1821 with 89c51 and the Temperature result should be displated on 16*2 LCD display, If so please share me the schematic & source code for it, as i am urgent in need of it. Thanks