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That programmer dont work! And first you must have 89C2051 programmed. Use this simple (PC software is in attachment): 78726 or this for 89C2051/89s51/S52/S53 78728 78729 software is Proload 5.4 and Firmware is 1001-3456 v44 SS :1008AD000A0D2043484B53554D203D2
I got this circuit for antara programmer. But this programmer is not working. Anybody know about
I recently got a microcontroller burner in a shop.. but it doesnt come with the programing software i have attached an image of the burner.. er software. It uses the serial port to burn the microcontroller! i have attached the image of the burner. any one please give me the software used to burn that micro controller! thanks in
Hi, No, 89C51 requires a parallel programmer, it can not be programmed through serial port. Since you are starting your design, may be you should use 89s51/52 for which you can get cheap circuits and software for In-System Programming from Net. With regards,
programmer for 89C51/52/55 89s51/52
hi, please guide me to build a circuit for icprog to program my 89s51 and atmega16 microcintrollers. thanks very mucc :D :) :(