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HI all, I am trying to built a small project using SMD 89s52. i am programming my controller using MOSI, MISO, SCK, and RESET pin. i have two problems in it. when i program the controller using a programmer and if the reset circuit contains 10uf of capacitor, the programmer shows me an error " CHIP ENABLE PROGRAM ERROR" and when i remove (...)
I am using a 8051 USBASP programmer. My Target device is 89s52. On checking the RD button it is saying " CHIP signature does not match" Clicked "Continue anyway" Msg saying " Target 1E:52:06 " Loaded HEX File successfully On clicking AUTO Button Msg saying " Flash is not empty "
i bought a 89s52 microcontroller The text on ic states "ATMEL AT89s52 24PU 1303h" i am working for the first time with a micro controller actually i wanted to build a isp programmer i tried out several circuits using a 11.0592Mhz oscillator and the capacitance is 30pf each However the isp programmers were giving
Ok. So with that design on previous post I can program my AT89C51RB2, correct? Now for my other uC. I find this programmer o ebay. Here is the link: 51 MCU Development Study Board I can pro
May i get some links to download few hex downloader for AT89s52. I have used Flash Magic & Sinaprog hex downloader, but they are not supporting 89 series. Would you also mind to inform me about Avr dude's response towards AT89s52
Have any body build a spi 89s52 programmer with db9 rs232 protocol(without any extra supporting micro controller) ? I have successfully build a simple spi rs232 programmer for Atmega series which works perfectly with pony-prog. it could be very helpful to me if any body post here a simple rs232 spi 89s52 (...)
i am having project downloaded from net. but i not tested it, here iam uploading the schematic & firmware it supports 89s52 & atmega 95823
I just received my Genius G540 programmer, and I'm trying to program a AT89s52 as a digital wire to test the programmer but it doesn't work, the LED on P1.0 stays on continualy. here is the code: org 0 jmp 40h org 40h Start: mov A,P0 mov P1,A jmp Start end I'v already used the 89s52 for others (...)
You can use USBasp programmer AVR + 8051. This is simple LPT programmer and support 89S51, 89s52, 89S53! 91413 Software is ISP-Pgm 3.0a or newer.
please someone reply me
I found this circuit and if i made this circuit can i copy the ic from another locked ic? Yes it is, but dont mix 89S51, 89s52, 89S2051,..... with 89C51, 89C52, 89C2051.... you cant program older uC with C mark on this programmer
i was created a .Hex file by using keil is of 5kb memory.i used isp programmer.but an error occurred while burning into 89s52.i attached photo print of the error.please find solution.
Our college has 8051 programmer from Frontline electronics. I am trying to program a 89s52 with this programmer. I can read the data from the flash memory but I am not able to write or erase data ... What could be the problem..... Thank in advance
CAN I USE atmel 89s52 development board to burn code in DS89C430?as both MCU have same pin configuration and using ISP programmer used to burn code in ATMEL 89s52? Unfortunately you CAN'T. The DS89C430 has two programming modes: 1. through ROM-loader (data goes through the serial port) 2. parallel programming m
Maybe uC is deffective. Even new can be defective. Do you have another uC ? And whz you using 89C52 ? better use 89s52
I am trying to understand what you wish to do so that I can propose some solution. 1. You are sending some characters from microcontroller to PC. 2. You wish to see the Same on LCD display connected to the microprocessor. Is it right or something else ! Also you are using 89s52, you may add ISP programmer connection on your board so that you
Try using recent version of Proload5.4. and too confirm that the Chip is fine and the program verified to be running on other 89s52 programmer on other programmer. If you are using 89s52 you may too try uisng ISP with the USBasp programmer Cheer
Problem: Device Detect Timeout programmer is single sided, firmware 4.4, ProLoad 5.4 Programming all DIP (89c2051, 89s51, 89s52) with no problems, but cant program 89c2051 smd!!! Chips is 89C2051-24SI soldered on adapter DIP to SO. Adapter and chip work with other programmer. When I put the same adapter with chip tu sunrom get (...)
Dear All, please help me I am getting error of "programmer can not be found". I am using usbasp for 89s52 with fuse & lock bits EF for low & c9 for hi. before some time i got error of "no chip enable". Voltage level of usb programmer is near about 5 V & 89s52`s 4 to 4.5V First of all answer these questions.
Here is the one.. Which is assembled by many and found working.. But you need a programmer to program the firmware chip. I used 89s52 for firmware which has an isp and i programmed it through parallel port