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CAN I USE atmel 89s52 development board to burn code in DS89C430?as both MCU have same pin configuration and using ISP programmer used to burn code in ATMEL 89s52? Unfortunately you CAN'T. The DS89C430 has two programming modes: 1. through ROM-loader (data goes through the serial port) 2. parallel programming m
I am trying to understand what you wish to do so that I can propose some solution. 1. You are sending some characters from microcontroller to PC. 2. You wish to see the Same on LCD display connected to the microprocessor. Is it right or something else ! Also you are using 89s52, you may add ISP programmer connection on your board so that you
for programming 89s52 a simple usb programmer that i came across is this: you cannot find any circuit simpler than this for programming through usb Yes, But it is hard to find 89c5131 You can get atmega8 all over
HI.... i have a toshiba L510 laptop and it has no serial port in it. so the only choice remaining for me is to use a USB programmer for my 89s52 mc. pls can anyone help me out by providing a simple circuit diagram so that i can make it at home and program it...thanks a bunch! :-)
I am new to isp programming so any one can tell me what things i need for the isp programming of 89s52.Basically i am confused about db25 connector usage in mosi and miso pins of 89s52.
Hello everyone, There are always many posts here asking about ISP programmers for the atmel 89S51 or 89s52 mcu's. Most commonly available are the FREE programmers that use the parallel port of your PC. These programmers are not reliable, or do not work consistently on some parallel ports. If you happened to get stuck (...)
Dear all i need to make atmel 89s52 programmer . not the one with paraller port my computer doesnot have parraller port can u send me serial or usb design of 89s52 programmer thank you ahmed
This is the schematics of the AT89ISP cable that Atmel sells to program the 89s52. Mappings of the pins are as follow: TCK --> SCK TDO --> MISO TMS --> RST TDI --> MOSI
have some the circuit and firmware for this programmer???? Syrax, hold on ! Do you want more headache than you have now. I know you have a laptop with no parallel port and that's the reason for which you look to program AT89s52 through serial port (obsolete too for laptops), bu
For serial programmer of 89C51/2 89s52 try: (DS275 can be replaced by MAX232 with 4 external caps) Regards, IanP