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In my opinion about 6 - 10 months, in which an engineer is involved in all the stages (IP generation using he FPGA sw., some custom logic development, complete integration of all the ips/logic blocks, simulation/fn-verification, synthesis, PnR, bit file generation and programming the FPGA) of a design implementation on FPGA.
hi,i want to know about http port,admin port,socket port. i want to know my http port,admin port,socket port and how do i know please help:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
Looking for operating manaul, service manual, command list or any info about seren ips ICP RF generator I2000-d (27.12 mhz, 1600w)? It has both analog and rs232 digital ports at the rear, air cooled and blue color front with a small digital display panel at the front. :cry::cry:
1. Mixed-signal design is very specific, and it require some skill to avoide failure. High accuracy analog part require a lot of efforts in integration with noisy digital core,- it is a separate song! 2. There are a lot of ips on the market, practically everything can be bought. It is a question of money, project budget, which is typicall limited.
Hi All, How do we decide about the compression ratio in DFT? some quick points which i can summarize are:- 1) number of channels available on tester 2) tester memory 3) test time ( in case of derivatives) 4) rough idea of scan cells in different ips in case of SOC 5) process technology 6) number of pins available for test If you know o
I don't exactly understand what you are talking about. Altera has different DDR ips (Megafunctions), that in total are covering all recent FPGA families. Technically, the FPGAs need double-data-rate support and voltage referenced I/O standards for DDR and also suitable PLL circuits to support the timing calibration of DDR2 and 3. MAX II e.g. ha
Does anyone have details about how to use SOC Encounter to bring in third-party ips into a SOC design? Is there a recommended flow and whether SOCE provides any tools for validating or facilitating such a flow?
Hai What is ips?? I havnt heard about it Nandhu
Hi, everybody! I'm doing a project which uses some Xilinx IP cores ( Division, Arctan,...). And I do not use all optional pins/outputs from these ips. After being synthesized, design have more than 800 Slices but when it comes to Mapping, it is reduced to about 60 slices with Mapping report of trimming all unconnected pins and their related logi
I am doing Soc project in which I am employing different ips those are AHB compliant. I do not have dataflow of some ips i.e. IP for camera is grabbing data from image sensor and after processing it will send data to AHB bus Input data is 8 bit and synchronised with pixel clock let?s suppose 40 M Hz (25 n sec) and all block are pipelined Conside
I found an old doc. on some of the embedded bus structures. I think you'll find this useful. Unfortunately this doesn't talk about AXI bus. I believe even xilinx has come out with a serial bus architecture called aurora, which i guess will be used to connect xilinx ips.not so confident of this one, but you can look it up as well. There is also an o
Hi I am studying DDR/GDDR. I've found lots of info about spec and timing. But there seems no P&R info. Can any one suggest some place of P&R info of DDR? Or guidelines for backend to using such ips? Thanks!
anyone knows about any company using the platform based design methodology to develop their products? If let me know what products have been developed with the methodology, it'd be grateful. plz, give me a list as many as possible.. :) Thanks
Hello all:) I am running a design in edk 6.1 version. and comes up with " Makefile cannot be saved to run process. Please ensure ips in MHS file point to the right MPDs". The MHS doesnt contain info about MPDs.. What i have to do on that? regards
Hi friends I am searching for IP core for ADC of 3 bit. Can any one give me information about that. Thank you Abhishekabs :D
hi guys can u tell me something about analog ip cores i want some rich inforamtrion on them regards
I heard about some tool named libqa which is for a Comprehensive Quality Assurance on ips. I don't know the details about the tool and its application / working. You can find it on g**gle i guess. - TEJAS
hi, Do you have some free ips or codes about the AHB Master, Slave, Monitor, etc.? Or some other good webs about these implementation excluding Thanks a lot!
I want to try NIOSII in my new embedded design. According to Altera's announcement, NIOSII can provide up to 200 DMips performance(in coming Stratix2), and we also know that there exist abundant hardware resources inside FPGA devices(Registers, High Speed Buses, ips, etc.), which will make most dsp algorithms and data exchange operations much more
as the topic
Hi, Dose anybody hear anything about "on-chip debugging"? It looks like the ICE from the user's point of view, but some circuits have to built in the chip by the chip vendor. Any information is welcome.