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every electronic device which is available in the market will have a software cd. by which we first install the software then we will use that hardware device. for example a printer needs a drivers nothing but a software, and scanner, other accesories , etc.... so how they write the software for that hardware device. can you tell me simple softwar
Hi, I am seeking for a very low volume SMT assembly system consisting of stencil printer, pick & place, and reflow oven plus the tools and accesories needed. Target component placement is < 1000 CPH, while the price for "ready to work" system should not go above $10000. Essemtech (Switzerland) is the most popular but far above $20000 f
Hi, i'm new user here . i get the software from here it looks working in my pc i don't have the RS232 AND HARDWARE KEY .i only have cable of 4-wire +shield and 2-plug ( 8 pin and 25 pin ) is there anybody can give me the design of the COMMUNICATION HARDWARE the suppliers around say, that's old model PLC and they didn't have accesories for it .
If you still wants to use GPS I recommend you suscribe a magazine about GPS market where you can find all the manufacturers of boards and accesories of GPS and articles too. Please visit: and susribe the magazine (is free!) Now you can reach decimeter accuracy with GPS technology (differential, and others). This is used in
I have been having a problem running some older programs in XP home. After trawling the internet and trying verious fixes heres somthing that might help. If you go to Start menu, accesories, compatability wizard and run it you can get older programs to run under windows XP home. The problems seem to stem from the XP home addition not allowing y
realy lets be honest we only buy scope probes so you get the accesories like gnd crock clip insulated probes ... probe clip s .... three adapters incase you loose bits and spare tips {various types for different jobs} i pay out about 15 - 25 ? sterling per year and have done for 15 years