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First, you can not use any passive/active component in ADS Momentum EM simulations Second, what is your intention to use finite ground underneath of the structure ?? Will it be covered by any GND environment ?? ?? Why not infinite ground ?? Third, there are many "close-in" ports, have you ever select calibration mode well ?? If the thickness of t
The usual solution is to use inverted logic (active low) for 8051 outputs.
There isn't second port.The VCO has two parts, active part and passive part.If you obtain sufficient negative resistance from active side, you design a resonator in according with this active portion the VCO starts to swing.. Your test setup is completely wrong, the transistors are not biased at all. Read (...)
CST has very well elaborated and active online help system if you use the legal software In case of HFSS it is not the case but still type the issue in Google and i am sure you will find lot of help material and examples. The best way is always to start with tutorial
please help me , i want to measure active S parameter of a 2 port MIMO antenna. i know the equation to calculate active s parameter "active SParameters is (S11*a1 + S12*a2)/a1 where a1 is the complex excitation in volts incident on port 1 and a2 is the complex excitation in volts incident on (...)
Different SPI modes involve different active clock edges: You need to review the datsheet of connected interface.
Vcontrol is active low so an unused port must have Vc=high. Thse use depletion mode so current conducts when Vgs=0
Hi All, I have create a little project for school controlled, this project already working and function if I setting for all port, but is something wrong if I use only per port. Well, the scenario I want to configuring : --> portA AN0-AN1-AN2-AN3-AN4 are an input /using button. --> portB, used for LCD, (...)
The brightest, most efficient LED is the best one to choose to operate at low current. The best output is active low on port is 0 an ESR of 0.45V/3.2mA = 140 Ω. Use the voltage drop from Vcc to 3V if it is a White LED and compute the current limiting R including the driver internal 140 Ω. The LED ESR is around 10~15Ω for a 10 mm.
for a two port device it is fairly common that both ports have a negative resistance. But theoretically that might mean it oscillates at two different frequencies, or maybe even starts up at h wrong frequency. So it is best if the load port of the active device is unconditionally stable, and the resonator (...)
Pi match attenuators at all ports would help especially in diode mixer case. active mixers generally don't need very good (and wideband) 50 ohms terminations at the ports. The most important port that requires good termination to get good mixer IMD, is the IF port.
hi, when i try to open or edit hdl files in modelsim 10 it automatically opens the aldec active hdl editor does anybody know how to stop this? thanks
I fear it's not so easy to derive a "typical" impedance characteristic of a grid connected power converter. I presume, you're referring to a grid connected inverter or a bidirectional converter with "active front end" (AFE), in other words a PWM bridge connected through an inductor or LC low-pass filter to the grid. Its impedance is determined by t
library ieee; use ieee.std_logic_1164.all; use ieee.std_logic_unsigned.all; entity I2c_master is port( clk : in std_logic; --system clock reset_n : in std_logic; --active low reset SDA : inout std_logic; --data read from slave LED : out std_logic_vector
Hi guys! I just coded a 4 to 2 priority encoder and am getting the following errors: How do I fix these? Here is my code: library IEEE; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.ALL; entity priorityencoder is port(en_l: in std_logic; --active low enable din: in std_logic_vector(3 downto 0); --active
The DSR line is fed to the PC serial port from the Data Set when it is Ready. This can be asserted either by the Modem being powered up or a null modem cable to another Terminal or PC which becomes the DTR signal at the other end. So DSR is detected by the PC which asserts DTR when the serial port is active.
What features are still available when the is in SIM900A sleep mode. I want to double check with someone who has used this feature. Datasheet already has some info. Can it send/receive SMS? (datasheet says yes) Is the serial port available/active? (datasheet says No) How do you wake up from sleep? (datasheet says - pull down DTR or on receiv
You should remember to turn off the other not active LED outputs, when you set a new state.
How is everything connected? What protocol are you using? What is your hardware? If you have the transmit port of both slaves connected to the same input, and they're both active, it's not going to work; you need to have some protocol for slaves to connect and disconnect from the bus.
RAM should be modeled in the following way. RAM modeled without clocks will mostly infer Latches. library IEEE; use IEEE.std_logic_1164.all; use IEEE.std_logic_unsigned.all; entity RAM is generic ( K: integer:=8; -- number of bits per word W: integer:=8); -- number of address bits port (WR: in std_logic; --active high write enable

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