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need help regarding interfacing adc 0808 with XILINX spartan 3E FPGA Hello guys, I am trying to interface adc 0808 or adc 0804 with papilio one.can anyone please tell me how to do verilog or VHDL program of this?. please help. thank you for your time and help
if i have 8 bit data output from the adc 0804 ic. what should i interface it with before sending the data to RF transmitter?
Is it possible to interface adc 0804 with encoder for RF communication. adc has 8 bit parallel output data. I just want to send the data through the transmitter. How do I do that using encoder.
Hi I wanted to use LM35 temperature sensor . The range is from -55 degree celsius to 150 degree celsius. I want to interface it with adc 0804 for converting analog voltage into digital output. adc has 8 bit resolution. How do I choose the reference voltage and how to do calculations for reading the complete voltage range. The (...)
Hello experts when i use adc 0804 it shows the following error (see the picture ) 100226 please help me
Check these link: - - - Updated - - - Check these link:
As Mentioned above that will be helpful if any one gives me the C programming Code for Interfacing Lm35 with P89V51RD2. I am using Keil4 Software to program. I am Using adc 0809 to Interface with microcontroler.
hello, can any one suggest me with a simplified vhdl code for interfacing spartan 6(sp605) with an ic adc 0804? adc 0804 data sheet. spa605 thank you. all you
hello, can anyone tell the connector exactly required for ASP-134603-01 fmc lpc (female). I require this to interface with an adc 0804.
Where u want to see the output of adc? You can just latch it on fpga and sent it via UART to PC or maybe just chipscope is enought ?
try This and chang code acoding adc0804
Hi, I'm newbie for FPGA. Actually I'm doing a project where i need to do combustible gas detector. I'm using combustible gas sensor and send the output to adc 0804 which will be interface with altera cyclone ii board. I have no idea how to do the verilog code. Anyone can help me
how can i select 600kHz clock for adc 0804 Hi, Just Right Click on the 0804 and change the clock to suit your needs.
hello can you give some spec Amplitude max of signal ? use Differantial mode or common mode ? Nb of sample per second ? langage C or ASM ? i suspect than AD0804 has a too poor resolution for that application ( 8 bits -> 255 steps) or you must use analog ampliifer before the adc. or you can copy this
LM35 gives an analog output. It outputs 10mV per degree Celsius. You will need an adc (analog to digital converter) to interface the LM35 to the microcontroller. Few 8051 microcontrollers I know of have an on-chip adc. So, you may need to use an external adc such as 0804. For interfacing LM35 with 89S52 using (...)
Hi all... Please help me with a code for interfacing LM 35 with microcontroller P89V51RD2BN. I need to build a Celsius scale digital thermometer using adc 0804. The temperature should be displayed on LCD connected to the controller. I am facing problem while writing the code in keil microvision 4. Please help me out. thanks in advance Tuhina
Hello , I am using an adc809 & i am using 1 analog o/p of 3 sensors each now how to interface it with 8051, I am using only 3 i/p pins of adc .I am connecting LDR, LM35 to it .pls help me..
ohk..this link is a bit more Question...i m using voltage regulator 7805 to produce constant +5V...but when i tested the voltage b/w pin40 and pin 20 of 89s52, it came out to be u know any reason?? also Can this uC operate at this voltage?? What is the input voltage to the 7805? According to
A simple Google search gets many results: Let me google that for you Here are the 3 of the "about 65,900" results: Interface adc0804 with 8051 microcontroller (AT89C51) Project [url=www.mytutoria
hlo, i am doing a project on lm35 tempreture sensor with adc 0804 using 8051 its not working plz give me suggesion about it,,,,,,,,,