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Hi all ! Plz who can help me . 132830 i want to add a lcd to diplay voltage this is the code ____________________________________________________________________ #include <18f452.h> #device adc=10 #use delay (clock=10000000) #use rs232(baud=9600,xmit=PIN_C6,rcv=PIN_C7) unsigned int16 adc_value; unsi
The code isn't wrong but the 18f452 only has a 10-bit adc. The lower 8 bits are returned in ADRESL and the upper 2 bits in ADRESH. That means ADRESH can never be equal to 0xFF. The maximum value it can hold is 0x03. Brian.
first develop LCD driver code then go for adc. 18f452 basic: About
I am making a solid state relay using mox3040 zero cross detection and BTA12-600 Triac, The purpose of this Project is to switch the power source on failure in minimum possible time, For failure detection, I am using adc of 18f452, by sampling whether the power is fail or not , In general we know that its best to switch On triac when voltage
#pragma config OSC=HS,OSCS=OFF #pragma config BOR=ON,BORV=45,PWRT=ON #include18f452.h> #include void main() { TRISC=0; TRISD=0; TRISAbits.TRISA0=1; adcON0=0x81; adcON1=0xCE; while(1) { Delay10TCYx(1); adcON0bits.GO=1; while(adcON0bits.DONE==1); PORTC=ADRESL; PORTD=ADRESH; (...)
Depends how you configure it and what your clock speed is. There is acquisition time and conversion time. You you need to account for acquisition time when changing the active adc channel. Once that time has been allowed, then you are working with conversion time. The acquisition time depends on source and reference resistances and temperatur
an0,an1,an2,an3 is work an4,an5,an6,an7 is not work
I am using pic 18f452 to develop my product with ccsc compiler. It consists of lcd, keyboard, serial port etc.... Every thing works fine except, my lcd shows only garbage when adc is given input before giving power to pic. the problem is not solved even though my code contains a no of "clear lcd" command in the run time. but it works absolutely fin
use #include <18f452.h> #device adc=8 #fuses HS,NOWDT,NOPROTECT,NOLVP #use delay(clock=16000000) #use rs232(baud=9600,parity=N,xmit=PIN_C6,rcv=PIN_C7,bi ts=8)
Hi, Goto page 183 of the 18f452 datasheet. There, you see a diagram showing how to set the conversion clock. It is from 128kHz FRC to Fosc/2 in different steps. However, you have to be careful that you provide enough acquisition and conversion times, ie, at 20MHz clock, setting Fosc/2 would not be possible, as you need atleast 13Tad time to have pr
Hi to all, Please any one can solve the problem.Here in my project coding uses timer2 it want to generate clock train pulse and also only one data pulse to control the line sensor which give the output voltage when dark particles moves over the ic, that i want to read by pic 18f452 and display by rs232.Here is my coding.And the clo
Internal adc is easy to use.
Nobody can give your a good answer for this question. It's a question like "I want fly to the moon. What is the best microcontroller for it." We need more input. How much timer, IO-pins, which bus system,adc,DAC, how much RAM,FLASH,PROM ..., power supply, speed, temperature, shock etc. Regards Gomez
Hi, I am working on 18f452.I have some Analoge Channels Some digital Inputs.Exactly i want to know that is it necessary to add a delay in adc routine for example set_adc_channel(2); delay_ms(5); ts1=read_adc(); ts2=(ts1*0.488);//ts2=((ts1*5)/1023)*100 => ts2=(ts1*0.488) rotate_left(&ts2,2); rotat
adc and DAC are difficult to find on MIcrochip's controllers... I don`t know what about Motorola, Atmel, Texas Instruments or the other companies... U can use an built-in adc from PIC and a R-2R ladder or PWM with a high refresh rate... Or a external DAC... Itīs ur decision... Good look...
#include <18f452.h> // device selection #device adc=10 *=16 #include // needed for division routine #fuses XT,NOWDT,NOPROTECT,NOLVP,PUT,NOBROWNOUT,NOOSCSEN,CCP2C1,NOSTVREN,NODEBUG #use delay(clock=4000000) // 4 MhZ ! adc is not optimal at 20 MhZ + power (...)
HI Use timer inetrrupt insted of adc interrupt Set the timer to inerrupt every 10msec and when it enter the ISR call the adc to convert data wait in a polling loop until the adc compleate conversation and return to regular operation P/s search google for inerrupt routine there are many ..... All the best Bobi
I'm not experienced with writting code.I"m using the c18 compiler and a PIC 18f452.I used the manual to help me. This code was written to recieve an interrupt every 2 seconds from a 555 timer. When the interrupt is recieved, the readings of two sensors are taken using adc. A wirespeed is also read from another device. These results are then display
hi all in my project there are 3 sensors which output in pwm signals the problem is that i have only 2 pwm capture pins in the pic 18f452 how can i come over that keeping using these type of sensors ...........are there any ic that may convert this signals into analog signals so i can receive them again in the adc of the pic or ar
This aspect of the project has 2 sensors,current and voltage are feed to an analogue mulitplixer then an adc then 8bits to controller. you dont need too do this, 18f452 has several multiplexed analog inputs and embedded adc you need : 2 analog input for sensors, 6 or 7 for LCD and 1 for RS232. a 16F88 is enough for all of