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Obviously ICL7135 has multiplexed bcd outputs. It's designed to drive numeric displays. Nevertheless it's possible to connect to a microcontroller by reading the bcd data and segment lines. #STROBE can be used to synchronize the data processing, RUN/HOLD to optionally start and stop the conversion. Display oriented adcs have been used (...)
Hi I use atmega 16 uc. which is connected to two bcd displays and one potenciometar on pin A0. I try to display the number between 0 and 20 using the line equation in the code for whole range of potenciometar. But the two displays only display the number 00 on it. Please tell me where is the fault in the code. Regards riste #incl
I just need any simple DAC even ideal one, to test digital output code of my designed adc (12-bit), would you please suggest something suitable?
Hello everyone, right now i have the adc module (12-bits) which i convert it to bcd and then ASCII number since hyperterminal understand ASCII code. For UART TX module, i use the one in and it works but hyperterminal output multiple times like this . I believe some cont
i have need read more then 1 adc with 16f676,but no left adc pin on this code .if i use 7447 bcd to 7 Segment driver IC .then it possible with this code . #include __CONFIG (FOSC_INTRCIO & MCLRE_OFF & BOREN_ON & CP_OFF & CPD_OFF & WDTE_OFF & PWRTE_ON ); #define SPORT PORTA #define DPORT PORTC const char SegCode ={0xC0, 0xF9,
There are "tons" of adcs better suited for FPGA interface than ICL7135, but it can be done. You'll need 5V to 3.3V level converters, and decoding the multiplexed bcd outputs. All accessible IO pins at NEXYS 2 are interfaced through the Hirose FX2 connector, I think.
in 8051 series there is very easy to add 2 digits in bcd. "DA" instruction is used for this. now in AVR i want to add 10 digits with 5 digits. how that is possible in very low time, just like using DA in 8051. but unluckily there is not any instruction in AVR instruction set. please help me. i know 1 method. by using "adc", do all in "HEX" then
how can i make voltmeter with adc0808 without micro controller this is my project in my collage !!! can anyone help me ?!! thx in advance :!:
An adc is required (analogue to digital converter). This will probably required driving logic, like how often it makes a measurement. Then depending on what you want you need a micro processor (could do the logic job AND the adc if you use the right one) to arrange for some convenient protocol, like 8 bits of bcd data as one word and your (...)
Hi Programming a PIC microcontroller is very new thing to me but stilll i made a sincere effort of coding... I would really appreciate if anybody could tell me whether my codes are rite or wrong...I am using 18f65j50 for remote monitoring and controlling of smps......Thnx in advance.. and one of doubts is how to convert hex into bcd...The codes
Hi every one, I am using adc0808, microcontroller 89C51, and 16X2 Alpha-numeric LCD to display the sensed data using sensors connected to adc0808. Problem: 1) what will be the data formate of output of adc, is it binary or bcd? 2) what should be the data output of 89c51 that is acceptable for (...)
The output from adc is a binary number in the range 0 - 255 (Decimal). Convert this number to three digits (bcd), 4 bit nibbles. Use these three digits one by one, to convert it to ASCII just add 48 (decimal). Send this to the LCD display. Use appropriate order of these ASCII codes to display correct value.
i am using pic16f72 with 8 bit adc ie max FF h = 255 decimal steps . Now if i want to display ( 00.0 adc at 2.55 so i get step of exact 0.1 volt. if i devide 255 by ten i get max 255 steps = 25 rounded of i.e tens and ones digit . How do i get the decimal value as i want to display battery volts
I suppose you meant adc's output! Indeed it is not trivial, specifically when converting the 8-bit binary to 10-bit bcd! But converting the 10-bit bcd to 7-segment is easy, using for example IC-4511 or 7447! A Truth table is one way, perhaps on a PROM! also see
before using lm35 & adc interface, simply send a fixed value, lets say "52" to the display. for this make a lookup table for each digit 0-to-9 having it's corresponding seven segemnt code. The 2 displays will run in multplexed mode. after you get the value then take the adc & lm35 and read the value & then transmit it to display.
Hello everyone. I would like to display the result of my Analog to Digital convertion into Seven Segment Display. But my problem I don't know what to do. Can anyone help me. By the way what is the format of the signal came from the adc, is in Hexadecimal, Decimal, Octal or Binary? Thank you. Best regards.
Use a adc
in adc0809 I use with VRef in 2.5V so 2.5/255=10mV
which A/D convertor is called DVM and why?also tell me types The adc is a dual ramp type, and is used in most of the hand held instruments. Bastos
TLC7135 is a adc specifically designed to drive a LCD or LED display and that is how its outputs are configured as mentioned in the datasheet. So if u want to use it you can use it as a parallel input device to the PC using the Parallel port. If u want to stick with a serial adc I think you could look into AD7890 (Datasheet Attached)