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Is the above mentioned is your complete program. Where are you checking, whether the adc conversion is completed or not. I mean this type of code. adcON0bits.GO = 1; //Start Conversion while(adcON0bits.GO == 1); //Wait here until Conversion Complete adc_data = ADRESH & 0x00FF; (...)
I am a beginner to this board and I just want one example of interface devices like adc, buttons, LEDs. I am not able to figure out which header files to include and from where to get there source files. I am not able to understand how to access the GPIO pins of the board. for example if I want to write a simple program to blink an LED. 1) I
Hi there, is there any other way of blinking the led depending on the adc value besides this rtos? using interrupt routine..
adcON0 and adcON1 need to be within while(1) loop. And i hadn't considered the possibility from 58% to 61% or so which i corrected. And hardware implementation i had some problem as its not indicating. Proteus simulation is perfect for the new code. I will still test and see if i have missed other possibilities
Hi,I downloaded the free trial of Flowcode and tried to design a simple controller for an old traffic light ,I bought at a garage sale.I'd like the red,yel and grn lights to blink on and off,going from one light to the other and keep going,blinking the lights one at a time sequentially and being able to adjust the rate of speed at which they b
Hi, I am doing my first avr exp using a temp sensor LM35 to blink blue green or red led according to the temp of the room. • Connected the leds to PORT B of atmega8L uC and temp sensor to adc 3 input. • Using internal oscillator 1MHz as clk, internal reference voltage of 2.56 as reference voltage in FREE RUNING MODE. • ADLA