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Are you using c18 or XC8 COmpiler ? If using XC8 Compiler then include XC.h file. Also include the line #define _XTAL_FREQ 4000000 Try this code. Disable adc by configuring ANSELx ot adcONx registers. Disable Comparator using CMxCOMx or CMCON registers. #include #pragma config OSC=INTIO2 #pragma config
i am using mla in that HID_custom code i am using. controller is 18f4550 and xc8 compiler. i started to configure the code for my application but after commenting adcON0 register usb doen't work. Why? i saw analog pins are not multiplex with USB data pins. Then also what is wrong with the code? And also if i delete the code of keys and adc then
Hello Masters. I am studding the PIc18F452, I am reading a lot of examples and tutorials of adc module. I am using the c18, I read the microchips libraries pdf file, where if I use the adc.h the code is the following: #include #include <adc.h> #include #include (...)
hello, Give more details.. what is your full scale of milliamp for 5V on RA3 adc input ? with adc 10 bits => you will get 1024 pts for the full scale... How do you display the result ? UART -> RS232 -> terminal or on LCD 2x16 car or ?
hello i am trying to build a wattmeter using mplab following the documents instructions in this pdf but im not getting correct results and cant figure out why i think the problem is with the A/D reading but couldnt figure out how to fix it it would be great if someone can take a look at it thank you wha
I am using 16F877 pic controller. I have prepared code for adc. Analog input is converted in to adc result. Now I want to convert that hex number to decimal to display in lcd. Plz support how can i convert hex to decimal for adc 10 bit output???
hello, :-xPost #1 this soluce is impossible ! delta +VRef and -Vref must be > 1,5Volt :smile:You can try MCP 3424 or 3421 adc delta sigma converter up to 18 bits i did a lot of test on it .. i get 2?V / point with 17 bits of resolution ( reference =2,048V) see code c18 and results on ea
hello, Minimum range -Vref to +Vref is 1,5V or (2V official) so with 1024 points =>2mV/point What is the speed acquisition nb of measure per second ? if you are not hurry, you can use external high resolution adc like : more details and source c18 on my web page.
/********************************************************************* * * Microchip USB c18 Firmware Version 1.2 * ********************************************************************* * FileName: user.c * Dependencies: See INCLUDES section below * Processor: PIc18 * Compiler: c18 3.11+ (...)
Dear all, I use Microchip c18 and have connected a 8 channel adc LTc1859 to my PIc18F26k22. Reading channel 0 works fine, but when I try to read from channel 1 or 2 or etc..., it always comes back to channel 0 despite sending the correct address for a different channel!!! It also s**** up the gain range... I am (...)
From version 7.7 in the Proteus_inst_dir/SAMPLES folder exists some example project wich contains a .vsmp file. For example see the simple "PIC 12C671 adc" (the complete project folder is attached), or look at the project "c18 Calculator" Here is the "PIC12C671 adc Converter.vsmp":
Hi. I am using PIc18 Explorer board (PIc18F8722), PICKit3 and c18 compiler. I am getting data from the potentiometer of the board, using the adc to obtain analog values and then I want to store these values in the internal EEPROM of the PIc18. I am storing the 10 bit result obtained from the (...)
Hi! I've tried to convert analog voltage to digital voltage with PIc18F46J50 with c18 compiler, but I don't understand how the Openadc() function work, especially what is the last part of the function that ,according to the user guide, you need to enter a value from 0 to 127 or something like that and it's called portconfig. Please I (...)
I am using the c18 compiler for the PIc18F microcontroller I want to write a C code for the adc module. According to the datasheet, the CHS<4.0> in adcON0 is the analog channel select bits. I do not want to assign the CHS4, CHS3, CHS2, CHS1, CHS0 bit by bit. How can I assign the CHS something like: (...)
I'll get to that in a while, but why not use the internal adc?
Hi, I assume you are using c18 from Microchip, if you are then using adc is a lot easier than you think. if you look at page number 18 of MPLAB-c18-Libraries_51297f.pdf located in MCc18\doc you will see how easy it is. here is the example from the file: 2.2.2 Example Use of the A/D Converter Routines #include (...)
ok, so you have a working lcd, and a adc value (properly scaled at 'float conversion') you need a 'float' to 'ascii' convertion... mmm... it's kinda difficult you know? maybe using the 'printf' or 'sprintf' from c18... mmm... should check that... checking... too bad! it doesn't implement "%f"... maybe converting from float to int... if you ne
Hello I have a confusion on the displaying of temperature value less than - 20.4 deg C. Before i begin, here is my hardware/software setup PIc18F4423 @ 20MHz ceramic using 12bit adc Vref++ == VDD == 5V thermistor: MCP9701A compiler c18 Now my problem is explained as follows... Im using the following code in my program to (...)
Hello My project is working partially. I have designed a temperature display on LCD project that involves the following components... PIc18F4423 ceramic 20Mhz c18 compiler Thermistor: MCP9701A LCD: 16X2 Im using full 12bit adc and +Vref == VDD and -Vref == VSS. Im displaying both the adc value and the (...)
Hello Im using PIc18F4220, 20MHz ceramic, c18 compiler. I have a running project where im taking temperature readings after every 300ms intervals and display on 16x2 LCD. Im using thermistor MCP9701A. I have 8bit adc enabled on my PIC and im only reading the high byte ADRESH. My V+ref == Vdd and V-ref == Vss. All seems to (...)

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