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Hello I have some queries about delta-sigma dac. 1) basically, it is same with delta-sigma adc, but it consists of digital blocks, such as accumulators. However, how to synchronize the clock with PCM signals from a dsp? Does it need serial communication circuits? 2) I tried to find Simulink simulation example, but there are only (...)
PCB design: Cadence Allegro 15.2 / 15.7 / 16.2 / 16.5 Schematic design: FPGA, dsp, MCU, etc. adc / dac high-speed interfaces Hardware design using Xilinx and Altera FPGAs. e-mail:
Depending on the rates, you can use an array of adc's and an array of dac's. The FPGA could be used to perform any muxing or other dsp required. This may have issues if you need low latency or high bandwidth though.
Hello everyone, I need to create a circuit in Simscape, it has adc, dac and dsp. I am new to Simscape so I was wondering if someone could give me Idea about anyone of the three elements to get started with.... thank you in advance
Hello, I'm looking for a dsp board with adc and dac. The input to the board must have 8 channels, each 10 bit and 25MSPS. Does anyone have suggestions? An FPGA would also suffice. Thanks.
Hi, I've been learning the basics (very basic) of dsp and I wanted to try to implement things in Verilog. Histograms dac->adc etc. How does one go about doing this on an FPGA? I have the Spartan 3E starter kit. Not an FPGA built specifically for dsp, but should be enough to get something going.
Can you help me with the following problem with TI dsp c6713 After installing CCS 3.3 and using it with Matlab 7.8, I was able to create a project for taking input from adc and forward the output to dac, however now I'm getting this error "RTDX target application does not match emulation protocol! Loaded program was created with an (...)
Hello, I'm using TI dsp - C6713 and simulink and i'm trying to make a simple model i'm sending information (bits for example) upsample them and then dac, adc, downsample and then reading the information i get the problem is that i don't get any connection between what i'm sending and what i'm receving someone have an idea what goes (...)
how that higher sampling rate can be achieved in adc/dac? dsp can be useful to me to achieve higher sampling rate?
hello to all where does i can find nallatech Xtrem dsp board schematic. i need to design a board which included with virtex-4, adc, dac, ZBT,... for my project. can anyone help me? tnx in advance
Hello Rajhere when the problem is noise removal from a signal the first answer that everyone could give you is just filter that signal. You should add further information about your system: if it includes an adc->dsp/FPGA->dac processing chain you have a wide span of possible options (e.g. FIR/IIR digital filtering, FFT and spectral (...)
What do u need exactly. Normally u have fft libraries. You need to interface with adc/dac and rmove the offsets BRM
sigma-delta adc or dac
Hi Depend how fast you need to read from adc and write to dac this chip has limited BW (no more then 1M ) see Data sheet for detail If you need somthing faster use external adc with FPGA or dsp you can start with the dsp56f8xxx from freescale and climb to the TMS320F28xx & 24xx and faster to the AD (...)
main the mix-signal system design. include the analog signal and digital signal, such as adc/dac, processor, dsp, IF etc.
Agree with your guys' opinion. But that depends on what kind of circuit you need to design. If you need to design adc/dac, you had better to learn something about the dsp. If you just want to have good communication with the digital design team, you need to understand the terminology from those guys because there are few purely (...)
Hi I want to use digital techniq to implement AM/FM modem for a transceiver. Now I need some help about it such as the best scheme for designing or adc, dac and dsp selection. The IF signal is 1.4MHz. Another import thing is the MIPS that these modulations/demodulations need. Thank you. Agha
Hi to input and output analog data to/from dsp processor u need a gate. Certainly this gate should have adc and dac and codec blocks(ICs) for dsps are such blocks and some of them have anti-aliasing filters in their adc. for detailed info u should ask a more deliberate question. cheers
Hi Guys, I would like to know where I can find interview questions on dsp and related topics like adc/dac. Thanks in advance... -- Srivats
Ummm no offense but adc's and dac's are like the first thing you encounter when doing any digital electronics or dsp...a simple search for adc in google would have got you everything you want and more... regards, gvanto