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For voltage sensing, you can use a voltage divider and sense the voltage using the pic adc module. For date and time, you can use a RTC chip and interface it to pic16F877A. You can use DS1307 and interface it to pic16F877A using i2c protocol. You may save the data on the (...)
hey everyone i have this problem i'm using MikroC pro for pic , and i have a 16f876a ?c i'm trying to connect 2 devices to the ?C one device uses i2c and the other uses adc (analog digital converter) when i use only i2c its works very good , and when i use only adc its works also very (...)
hello, here i ve a code for tlv2543 using i2c protocol for pic c compiler. we are not getting any results on serial terminal.pls rectify the errors and let us know how do we correct it. #include <16F877A.h> #device adc=16 #BYTE PORTB = 0x06 #BYTE PORTD = 0x08 #BYTE PORTC = 0x07 #BYTE PORTE = 0x09 #BYTE PORTA = (...)
Hi, I am using pic 16F887 and CCS-C compiler(version 4.093) plugin in MPLAB IDE I have dumped the code in hardware and i2c is working. now , i do not know at what speed the i2c communication is taking place ? can u help? Master code: #include <16f887.h> #device adc=10 #use (...)
Hello, I need the source code for external adc(TLV2543) connected to pic dem2 plus board, using i2c protocol on pic c compiler... please help !!!
Hi, There are no hard and fast rules as to what ports you use, though generally PortA is handy for inputs /adc, PortB for outputs and / or Inputs with interrupts. PortC for data transmission like USART,SPI,i2c and PortD for General purpose i/o - typically a lcd. TRIS sets the Direction of a Port, 0 for Output 1 for Input. (...)
Can you specify the 16-bit adc Chip you are using?
the first thing is to draw up a specification listing the sensors you require, how you will interface them to the pic (adc, SPI, i2c, digital IO, etc). Also outputs (drive motors, pump, etc) This will determine of the pic you have slected has sufficent IO to do meet the specifications. How will you control the robot (wire, (...)
Hello, I have a temperature sensor involving a potential divider with an i wish to read the Voltage, -using a Microchip pic's adc, and then output the voltage , continuously, to an LCD display. (along with some words) i wish to use a pic with an i2c serial data transfer facility in it, and will code (...)
I am planning in designing a satellite signal spectrum analyser, and am thinking of using the above display with a fast pic micro. My thoughts are to send via the i2c bus a frequency scan in 5-6 MHz steps to cover the band, and on each step make an adc from some point on the front end (signal level), and display the results (...)