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Hi Andre, My post was referenced to post#4. Here is the first occurance of the wrong formula. Since the IC is a delta sigma modulator it needs a SINC filter to reconstruct the adc value. I can'find the filter. Klaus
I can't sure, you can get one IC with i2c communication, but you can consider LMP90100 which comes with SPI interface. Again it may take some spaces. For similar kind of application you can use some adc where you can get adc bit out which you have to convert it into temperature. Udhay
i connected a ds3231 rtc to pic 18f4620 if i use soft i2c ( ccs complier) the rtc is working good if i switch off and on the main power for 3 are 4 times one time the day or time changes how to solve this problem. the soft i2c settings are : #include <18F4620.h> #device adc=16 #FUSES NOWDT //No Watch Dog (...)
i want interface spi and i2c adc's with fpga spartan 3e board with this i have attached data sheets of adc's115854115855
I think a Waveshare AD Keypad will be better. It needs one adc pin to interface 4X4 keypad for RTC setting and LCD navigation. A MCP9808 will all do.
Hi! First,I think you should go to learn some basic programming techniques.This will help you to know the basic grammar of C language. Second,you should read the adc part datasheet deeply,know how it works,and parse the timing exactly. Final,you can write the code to adapt the timing, to generate the corresponding timing to operate hardware IC.
how many channels of data acquisition, how many bits converted by the adc, how fast, etc? what do you want to control, e.g. how many devices, how are they attached (i2c, SPI, CANBUS, etc) to aid in selecting a target device you can use product selectors, e.g. Microchip
Do you have any idea how can i modify this code that instead of showing the data from adc or DAC on the webpage, show data from i2c (from Master micro-controller AT90CAN128) on the webpage?
105026 I have to access the adc chip ADS1015 by sending data throughi2c bus. In the data sheet Yellow box highlights Read/write bit, Green is ACKnowledgement bit and the Red box is something which i do not understand, what it means. After that the second byte of data is sent to ADS1015. Do i have to worry about genera
Trying to communicate with lpc2148 inbuilt i2c protocol(i2c0) to external adc chip (pcf8591 philips adc-dac chip) to read adc voltage from it. But proteus simulation with lpc2138 is not responding to the code written.Being a newbie to i2c protocol specifically on LPC2148, can anyone guide (...)
i am using MCP3428 differential adc using single shot conversion and interface through i2c to my micro controller. it's working fine but after10 or 12 hour continuous working ic is not giving any vales same as like hang. When i remove power of the MCP3428 (same as like restart) and connect it's start working. Why its can i solve this
What adc device are you suing?
adc0804 is the probably the most common general purpose A/D chip. But using an external A/D is really unnecessary. just switch your microcontroller to a variant that a built-in A/D module
Hi, I'm a newbie in Fpga's and vhdl, we are using spartan-6 lx150t development kit, this board consists of one max7500(temperature sensor) adc with two wire i2c protocol. please anyone guide me to implement i2c interface between spartan 6 and the adc. any tutorial or links will be helpful. Thanks
hai everybody, i need to give 3 channels of 4 - 20mA input to adc ,which adc i can use for this type of inputs? can anyone help me on this
I have wrote many c codes for lpc2148 like adc,i2c,spi... but now i want to write codes in assembly language but i am not getting the start. cam anybody give few examples of assembly coding of lpc2148 plz help!!
i have not tried ethernet libraries but many other library like i2c,adc.. many other were working fine on proteus
Look at Cypress semiconductors PSoC controllers. It has some useful features. You can configure any pin to any port or any function just like a FPGA. example you can configure any pin to a analog pin, UART pin, i2c pin, USB, etc...., It has build in & configurable adc/DAC. You don't need external OPAMP because it has buid in digital gain controled
use mikro c help ,it has its own help and examples for adc, i2c etc
That's one way. Have a fixed resistor on the main board and use the peripheral resistor as a voltage divider and measure with an adc. Make sure to leave a big enough gap between values to allow for tolerance stack up. Another way, especially if you think you're going to have a fair number of different sensors, is to use a i2c port expander (such a