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Hi All, I am working on 14bit SAR adc with a sampling frequency of 5KS/s. I am supposed to do DNL and inl analysis to get information about missing codes. what I know to do DNL and inl analysis is, apply a super slow ramp so that each code appears at least 10 times. Now my problem is, I have as much as 2^14= 16384 codes and the (...)
Hello Everyone, I am designing 12 bit pipelined adc. I am facing problem to get the accurate gain of 2 from the designed MDAC when I use the capacitors from technology library. When I replace the CI and CF capacitors with the ideal caps I get accurate 2 gain when I check the residual output of each stage, also inl of +-0.5LSB and also no PVT vari
Hi, I have a couple of question about distortion and non-linearities in adcs. I wonder except inl and DNL that cause distortion in adcS, what can cause a bad THD. Assume someone wants to model the distortion in an adc, say third order harmonic. I wonder if the extra term added to the pure signal (cos(ωt)) should (...)
Hello.I have an adc and I want to measure gain error,DND,inl by result is input voltage and output digital I need matlab code for measurement .please help me. thanks
i have found the inl and DNL of flash adc in cadence... how can i find the SNR?? ANY EQUATION or in tool cadence??
Hi Guys, Iam going to design a 10 bit cmos adc, using SAR architecture, with capacitif dac, my question is : what should be the maximum offset of the comparator, less than half lsb ? Thanks in advance Gump
Hello. I have finally started on a long anticipated project, I want to design measurement tool to be used as a multi-channel volt/ammeter based around a 16-bit adc. I have some different ideas for this system but I would like to have a circuit for a IV measurement, I have read a lot about adcs but I have just come up on a problem. One questio
Hi, guys If I only use the MSB K bits of a nominal N bits adc (N>K), what's the relationship between the MSB K bits DNL/inl and N bits DNL/inl. To give the question more apprehensible, assume the max DNLs/inls for the MSB K bit and the nominal N bits are DNL_Kinl_K, and DNL_Ninl_N (...)
Hi, dear professionals, I just started analog IC design. I use LTSPICE to design a flash adc. At this stage, the DNL and inl need to be measured. Is there any method for LTSPICE? Thank you very much! Really appreciate your help!!!:-o:-o
See e.g. MAXIM's Application Notes 283 : inl/DNL Measurements for High-Speed Analog-to-Digital Converters (adcs) 2085: Histogram Testing Determines DNL and inl Errors or ATMEL's 110009
sir i am doing 8 Bit folding 8 interpolating adc in cadence. plz tell me how to calculate inl,DNL factor using calculator option of cadence tool. is there any other way to calculate inl,DNL factor. How to calculate noise margin and SFDR ?
The easiest way to calculate inl/dnl for adc is to used histogram method. Here You have everything:
hello, i was trying to find out inl and DNL for 8 bit pipelined adc by using "Maxim Integrated's" code given on their website. but facing some errors. i just want to cross check the format of file which is required by this code. if anybody has sample file format which will work as input file for that code, pls send me as I really need it. Th
What is typical value of inl and DNL of adc in LSB? Thanks.
I have designed a 10 bit pipelined adc in cadence.From the wave forms I have obtained the. csv file which contains samples of the 10 digital bits and inputs. How can we link this to matlab so that these codes are read and hence the inl and dnl plots are obtained??
I have designed 6 bit adc.can any one please tell me how to use .csv file in MATLAB for inl,DNL calculation. and How to get IDEAL values for error plot.
can someone plz help me with the formulas to find the SFDR,SNDR,inl, DNL etc for a pipelined adc in Cadence Software...
Many articles, which discuss the relationship between adc linearity and dynamic specs, say ... inl is related to harmonics, while DNL is relevant to noise of adc. Then I'd like to discuss this popular equation: inl=sum(DNL) Isn't "sum(DNL)" term in this equation related to noise, since "DNL is relevant to noise of (...)
I am no expert on this topic, but I can give it a try. You can connect the output of your adc to a ideal DAC (Verilog-A model or similar). You can then extract the simulation waveform of the DAC output and calculate inl and DNL. I personally prefer to write Verilog-A models for both DAC and an inl/DNL evaluator which prints the (...)
I don't agree to the see SD- and conventional adc that opposite. A conventional high speed adc will show output noise as well, even the signal source does, so you need to refer to averaging/statistical methods. The chaotic (but not purely random) noise generated by a SD will be reduces to an acceptable level with appropriate decimation filters, so