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I am making an oscilloscope using Cypress PSoC 3. The sample data is sent to the computer and plotted. The adc is used in single ended configuration. Whenever I connect the signal generator to the board, it throws a lot of garbage values to the UART. On the signal generator, the amplitude set is 1Vpp with 1V dc offset at a frequency of 100Hz. The f
Hi, You don´t say what´s your adc input votage range. Therefore generally: sensor_signal_voltage_range + some headroom = adc_input_voltage_range. ...or the other way back. *** Vref... Vref of the adc, or Vref of the sensor? Vref of the sensor is the (...)
Hello, I will have to design a dual slope adc with 11 Bits. Can anyone help me how should find the gain of the amplifier of the integrator so that I can design op amp accordingly. More over I am not sure how to find the range of input voltages which can give a conversion rate of 1k/samples. Thanks Pritha
Did you bias the 1V pk-pk signal around 1.65V? Your signal is well within the +/-1.25V range of the adc input. I also suspect you are interpreting the data wrong and it is the negative side that is missing, I'm not going to check but I would imaging that the adc uses a 2's complement output. Well I checked anyway (...)
Hello! Some hints on how to start: - 0 ~ 30 mA with a resolution of 1?A implies a 15 bit converter. You can find many 16 bits. - As for the circuit, you have to use an op amp and set its gain to fit the input range of your adc. - In the case you have enough noise (usually it's not a problem), and if your signal is slow enough, you can use a (...)
Hi, it seems you are not aware of the basic theory of operationof an adc. Please study the operation of an adc. *** To your question. No. It doesn´t have 1024 input channels. How could this be with just 6 terminals. 10 bit resolution means it can measure 2^10 different levels of voltage within it´s full scale input (...)
you can choose many adc depending on need for bipolar analog and digital output, or unipolar analog input. you shall not exceed rated Va range.
Research about "all digital PLL". Circuit is simple, connect input signal to adc input. Other option to convert sine to square wave and process with digital input.
The maximum output of 5V is made of 2^ 12 steps, so a signal of less then one step will not produce an output. If you are measuring AC, then in the absence of an input signal you have to bias the input to + 2.5 V, so the input can go positive and negative from this value. Also the adc works on the peak signal so if you (...)
I'm thinking at 2GSPS this is a RF application and you don't care about DC accuracy. If the sampling error is -constant- across the input range then maybe it gets processed out, no foul. Also at 2GSPS I'd think this is a 50-ohm system and you'd rather not have an amplifier to design, maybe this is just a dumb switch and the Cin of the (...)
Hello buddies! I am wondering about which is the smart way to adapt the signal provided by this voltage transducer in order to attack one adc with a input range from 0 to 5V. The ouput current provided by this LEM goes from -75mA to +75mA As you can see in the datasheet: I have been thi
hello Guys i've connected an thermistor to adc input of PIC MCU but it seems tht it needs an amplifier so wht you suggest ? which type of op amp circuits works for this? thx John
First guess is, you are exceeding the adc input voltage range. Or it's a problem of incompatible number coding schemes. More information needed.
thx u advance in programm of use adc to read temp and disply it on LCD what did mean the instruction temp = (temp_res * VREF)/10.240; // Calculate temperature in Celsuiswhy division by 10.240 is necessry
I have a design with max19507. It seems the default analog input (adc input) is between 0.4 and 1.4V. (I have connected IN- to ground and IN+ to the input signal.) Is there anyway to change the input analog range to 0 - 2.5v? In page 15 of the datasheet it has been described but I am not (...)
I would appreciate a circuit schematic. Are you applying a ground referred input voltage? In this case, the internal buffer must be bypassed. Do you manage to read the adc at higher input voltage and lower PGA gain?
Hi, voice signal --> amplify if needed --> analog filtering --> adc conversion --> digital data stream --> read from adc --> write to sdCard. * you need to specify analog input voltage range (for adc and amplifier, if needed) * you need to specify analog frequency range (for analog filter (...)
Hi, in STPM10 datasheet it is mentioned dynamic range is 1000 and for current sensing inputs which are differential inputs, it says max voltage is +-0.3 V. but it doesn't say anything about minimum voltage, is the minimum input 0.3/1000=3mV ? it means it won't measure lower inputs ? 121742 if i want (...)
hi i am working on sigma delta adc one query : how to find hte input range for sigma delta modulator for which the adc can work properly please suggest Manissri
I'd say check input output ranges but it looks like they're under correct bias in DC. Still I'd suggest checking if the transient signal exceeds their range. Also, do you see any ringing, or very fast spikes? Especially at cmfb node. If this is the case, maybe you're not simulating the opamp with the correct loading that it is subjected to (...)
You have to use a voltage divider which divides 10V into 5V and 5V. A 2 x 10k resistors will do the job. What MCU and adc are you going to use ?
Hello. I have trouble grasping this, MCP3553 is a single 22bit differential input adc. It can be supplied with a VDD voltage of 2.7V-5.5V with VSS being ground. The input range is Vref- to Vref+... If Vref = 3V, -3V to +3V but it says that the minimum input is VSS - 0.3V? As a real circuit problem I (...)
Now I am using a OPA171 as an input buffer (Vin on the + input of the opamp). After this opamp is a resister divider that brings it into the adc range. The OPA171 has an IIB of 15 pA. I am more than satisfied with that current, but I don't like it that I have to make an additional 36V DC voltage with a step up converter (...)
First you convert mA to V and V to deg C You can either convert in Analog for meter or in digital code if using adc which would not use the full range of adc but may be accurate enough. To read temperature 50~400'C for 4~20mA input you need gain and offset using an Op Amp and precision reference voltage in the (...)
Hi, I am new to hardware design, i am using internal adc MCU this voltage range is 0 to 3.3 volts but input voltage is 9 to 24 volts, anyone can give me the solution how convert this voltage level. conversion level: input output less than or equal 9 volts = 0 volts (...)
HOW TO DEFINE THE PORT AS ANALOG THIS IS MY CODE void main(){ unsigned int v0,v1,v2,v3,v5; adc_Init(); // Initialize adc module with default set TRISA = 0xFF; // PORTA is input TRISB = 0; // PORTB is output PORTB=0X00; PORTA=0X00; adcON1=0x0F; // cnt = 0; // Reset (...)
Hold the Phone.... "RF devide" you mean RC divider. this adc does not do RF..... 200 kSPS is max
ADS1174 having ?0,0045 LSB INL Nope. +/- 0.3 LSB, which is still excellent. An INL specification includes an upper limit for DNL, by the way. SAR and SD converters have both their specific pros and cons. Obviously SD-adc have superseded other topologies in the low and medium speed range, you are taking the dataconversion "main ro
The peak voltage would be Vrms * sqrt(2). The lowest input voltage is determined by the resolution of the adc (number of bits)
Hi all , i am working with PSoC 5LP. I have continious changable Analog Signals. I convert it to Digital with help of adc. From this Result i want to generate PWM (Output1 Forwards, Output2 Ruckwards). All in 16-Bits. So i have range upto 65536. I have Analog input 0,1 to 3,3v. So if i gave input 1,6v than i have 50% (...)
You can run the IA125P off 3.7 or battery directly. The Power Supply Rejection Ratio or PSRR is 100dB in the audio range, so no additional regulator is needed. The IA also has a precision 2.5 V ref builtin. For RF noise on cable to load cell, you may need ferrite choke around cable. If using 12V, you can scale output down to adc input (...)
Hi all, I get my first exact work for my PSoC Project. I Need help for this. I want value of adc_DelSig with Resolution bits 16 & input range Vssa to 1.024V (0.0 to Vref). This value i want to Display on LCD. I write some code for this from the reference of Example code "Ex2_adc_to_LCD". But it Display only 8628 value on L
Hi all, I want to build a data acquisition system for 0-10MHz signals but I am having trouble with the variable gain required before the adc. I am using a High speed differential output opamp to drive the adc but since the input signal has variable Vpp voltage I would like to implement a variable gain amplifier. Is a digital (...)
hi, What is the range of input current.? I assume you want the I to V conversion to give you 0V thru +5V for the PIC's adc.? E
Surely the voltage divider will not treat positive and negative half cycle differently. I rather guess you didn't describe your setup well and have additional components connected to the voltage divider output. If you e.g. connect it to a 0-5 V adc input, the negative half cycle will be cut because it exceeds the permitted voltage range.
Hello I am currently working on a 8-bit adc. So far i chose the current steering DAC due to low mismatch gradient. During my transient simulations I just disvovered that the converter struggels as the output passes 1 V. The supply is single supply at 3.6 V and the input range is specified to be 0-2 V. Then i read in my book: "As a (...)
Hello, I cam across a video on you tube, Ratiometric config with RTD and this video is from TI by the way : 106347 In the video, the lecturer says the adc_Dout= Vin * Gain * 2^24 / (2 Vref). I believe this is incorrect, it should be just Vref , am I right ?
Hi, how can i measure the output of the sensor which rated 4 to 20mA with PIC adc? how the circuit gonna be in between the sensor output and the PIC adc pin? Thanks
1. You will need to use a scaling system.Assuming that micro controller adc has an input range of 0V to 5V,you will have to scale 26V to 0V,39V to 2.5V,52V to 5V..this might be useful as a reference... electronics.stackexch
hello every one , I m doning a project over adc , in some intel report i read that for UWB receiver arhitecture atleast we want 528 MSPS 4 bit adc for m-ary OFDM technique,inspite of the input frequency being in range of GHz ,how does OFDM technique works for so less sampling freq.
Use a pot which converts I from CT to V in the range of 0 - 5V for adc input.
do you read the same value all time from the adc? is the input signal in a valid range for the adc? Have you checked it with an oscilloscope? it could be you have not configured the adc correctly - post your code?
Dear all hi; I implemented sigma delta adc on FPGA I have some questions about evaluating the output adc.. when I captured the output of my 8-bit adc it does not digitized from 0-255 and it only digitized from e.g at fin=20 hz; and at fin=10khz output frequency range. I want to know does it seems like a problem in
hello, show you level shifter schematic.. do you add +2,5V to your signal 5V AC peak to peak ? have alook on this interface it's to measure main AC 230V => reduce to 1,6V efficace + 2,50V so adc input keept in the range 0 to 5V
Hi, I need 10 bit, Differential, Bipolar input voltage adc. I have searched but could not find. range is not a problem, also number of input channels is not problem. I need this adc for pH meter.
Hello, Is there any Interfacing Technique at input Side of adc. Can anyone help me on this.
Without knowing what adc you are using this question is impossible to answer.
Here are some ideas on controlling/optimizing the range: A simple thing to do would be to have multiple voltage references for your microcontroller adc and switch to a lower voltage reference for better accuracy/resolution at lower input voltages. So, the idea could be to start with VREF = 5V for example. Then read the voltage. If it's (...)
How digital engineers decide the tolerable Signal To Noise Ratio for their design? If I'm using adc with input of 220v converted into 4vp-p range for adc. How should I calculate the tolerable SNR. Any references would be helpful. Im using adc samples for DSP based phase measurement. What impact would (...)
hello, measuring sinus signal ? amplitude voltage or frequency ? if Amplitude voltage, you must first scale your peak to peak signal to 5V peak to peak , ( +2,5V maxi -2,5V mini) and add a DC value of 2,5V to keep in range of adc input.. then takes adc measurmement at high speed (mini is Freq of signal * 10 ) to get 10 (...)