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Sir I am interfacing two lm35 using adc 0808 and I was writing a program. But I am seeing an odd result An arbritary numerical value is being shown. I ma giving you the code as below. /********************* adc-0808****************************/ #include //including the header file registers of 8
If you are using PIC or 8051 you can try these codes.
dear junus, normal 89c51 series are low cost but lacks inbuilt interfacing devices like adc, iic etc. which will increase your product cost and time. megaavr and pic have large interfacing options but comparatively costlier. if you are a beginner start learning with 8051 and shift to others. you will have more support to (...)
Sir , I have solved adc interfacing with 8051 ,but I have another problem is how to built, or online order the 10k variable potention meter plate.not a bulky one . potentiometer plate of 15cm.
sbd please tell me why it not run, i didn't receive data from adc , adc_data always high. thanks convert: setb eoc clr ale clr start nop setb ale setb start HERE12: cpl clk jb eoc,HERE12
And it has absolutely nothing to do with Zigbee or 8051. It's an adc as Peter stated and a rather old one by todays standards. If you see it in a schematic, it probably had a different function than interfacing a Zigbee device. Brian.
if anyone who has worked on the bridge transducer adc AD7730 can give me interfacing diagram for AD7730 with any of the 8051 family microcontroller & code in keil. atleast give the guidelines... thannks
Check these link: - - - Updated - - - Check these link:
I am trying to read the temperature value on a LM35 sensor via adc0804 to AT89C51 this is my code in mikroc: // LCD module connections char OW_val; sbit LCD_RS at P0_2_bit; sbit LCD_EN at P2_3_bit; sbit LCD_D4 at P2_4_bit; sbit LCD_D5 at P2_5_bit; sbit LCD_D6 at P2_6_bit; sbit LCD_D7 at P2_7_bit; // End LCD module connection
LM35 gives an analog output. It outputs 10mV per degree Celsius. You will need an adc (analog to digital converter) to interface the LM35 to the microcontroller. Few 8051 microcontrollers I know of have an on-chip adc. So, you may need to use an external adc such as 0804. For interfacing LM35 with 89S52 (...)
Hi all... Please help me with a code for interfacing LM 35 with microcontroller P89V51RD2BN. I need to build a Celsius scale digital thermometer using adc 0804. The temperature should be displayed on LCD connected to the controller. I am facing problem while writing the code in keil microvision 4. Please help me out. thanks in advance Tuhina
Hello , I am using an adc809 & i am using 1 analog o/p of 3 sensors each now how to interface it with 8051, I am using only 3 i/p pins of adc .I am connecting LDR, LM35 to it .pls help me..
ya as simple as that, use the inbuilt adc to get things going.
hello friends i am doing the project of fire alarm using lm35 and smoke detector using adc0808 and 89c51. i am not getting the condition to trigger the buzzer when the temperature goes above 80 degree Celsius or when the smoke is detected. the controller should monitor both the sensors simultaneously please help me its urgent
I'm trying to make an Ultrasonic Flaw Detector using A101S-RB transducer and 8051 microcontroller and a JHD12864E GLCD..... Can anyone tell me where i can get the program to interface Glcd with 8051 and also for interfacing A101S-RB with an adc.... Thanks....
hello sir, I need to use 8051 microcontroller to control a adc0809 to get value. I want someone to provide sample code in c as well as assembly and schematics(8051 and adc0809). thanks in advance
The 83c752 uses the same instruction set as the other 8051, however it has additional peripherals, including an adc module, which the baseline 8051s do not possess. To make use of the additional peripherals requires the configuration and manipulation of additional registers. I recommend obtaining and reading a copy of the 83c752 (...)
I tried implementing to split the X and Y outputs using two comparator IC . But the output wasn't satisfactory. Can anyone suggest some other circuit to get the output as i had mentioned before. Do i need to use adc?
you can find some information on: Interface LM35 with 8051 adc
Hi. interfacing LM35 to 89c51 microcontroller show temp 7segment In my application i have to sense temperature by using LM35 with adc 0804 show the temp 7 segment. The temperature sensor i have choosen is LM35. I want to know how it can be interfaced to 89c51 microcontroller. Please give me an idea.