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Have you disabled adc and other multiplexed function on RC0 and other pins used for MMC SD Card communication ? Post your complete mikroC project files. Zip and post your proteus file. Have you created an .mmc file to load into MMC model of proteus using winImage 8.9 ?
i had attached the code for lpc2129 which is compiled sucessfully in keil uvision 4 .but getting adc output of only 8 bits instead of 10 bits.checked with adc debugger in keil and also in terminal in isis proteus.kindly help me in this. #include "lpc21xx.h" #define Fosc 12000000 #define Fcclk (Fosc*5) #define Fcco (Fcclk*4) #
I am making a temperature controller fan using lm35 and adc by pic16f877A, everything is okay but the reading of lm35 is fluctuated. LM35 readings are increment or decrement rapidly by increase or decrease a point in lm35 in proteus.
hi friends ,, can you explain about the setting of CLK DIV values for adcR register ?? thanking you in advance
hello everyone, Here is the proteus simulation of my code.I am just trying to display temp on lcd screen but when i connect lm 35 to any of ad pin then LCD is displaying any garbage values and without connecting the sensor LCD is working i m just printing "pra" while no adc code is running. 107060 [ATTACH=
Dear Sir, I have used adc in PIC16F877 with hi-tech C compiler. I am measuring pressure in field through pressure transmitter giving 0-100mV. I am getting constant mV from pressure transmitter but when I am giving it to my controller, its fluctuate lots. My adc resolution is 4.88 mV (analog input range 0-5V). How can I solve my problem???
Hi there! I am basically a newbie in microcontrollers and proteus VSM. I am not sure if i posted this on the right category. I want to create a project in proteus VSM using a microcontroller and I don't know which PIC16 IC will I use. I can't understand assembly but I have used Arduino for about six months now. I have read about writing in
Use a pot which converts I from CT to V in the range of 0 - 5V for adc input.
I need to measure 220 V and currents around 13 Amperes using PIC micro-controller. The circuit I have designed on proteus using differential amplifier that converts 220 Volts to 2.5 volts (0-5 volts range) taking 40 samples of the peak voltage. The adc of PIC is used for converting analog voltages into digital. The voltage divider divides the volta
Trying to communicate with lpc2148 inbuilt i2c protocol(i2c0) to external adc chip (pcf8591 philips adc-dac chip) to read adc voltage from it. But proteus simulation with lpc2138 is not responding to the code written.Being a newbie to i2c protocol specifically on LPC2148, can anyone guide me on this. Slave address = (...)
Hi... I am trying to interface ADS1242ipwt with xmega microcontroller.. Could you please help me to solve the problem I am facing in it. I am not able to read the adc values. Tell me how to use WREG and RREG to write and read the adc register. Is it compulsory to use these commands to initialize adc with SETUP, MUX, ACR (...)
I have implement in proteus8 its working but not on physical model it always give 254 value in me ...... adc: MOV P1,#00H CLR P2.6 SETB P2.5 CLR P2.4 ACALL DELAY_200M ACALL DELAY_200M SETB P2.4 ; low to high pulse to WR for starting conversion MOV R7,#225 Del_1_Sec4: DJNZ R7,Del_1_Sec4
I want to make analoge to digital on atmega8 using avrstudio i wrote code but wheen i simulate on proteus the Leds are always high and didn't change please help#ifndef F_CPU #define F_CPU 8000000UL // or whatever may be your frequency #endif #include #include void adc_init(void) { adcSRA=0x85; //ENABLE
for my project i have to send two adc value and then have to plot it individually in MATLAB...can anyone give me suggestion that how can i send two adc value via ARDUINO?
MCP3201 is not in proteus Library. So which adc I can use in place of it? Please help me atleast this time guys. :)
Hello experts when i use adc 0804 it shows the following error (see the picture ) 100226 please help me
Hello everybody! I tried everything possible but no data is been moved on the SPI bus. It just activate and deactivate the IC. I'm simulating using proteus. I disabled the adc pins and set the TRIS settings accordingly. But no good. Pls take look at the code and tell me where I have made the mistake. I'm using PIC18F45K22. I have attached the proje
Problem solved. adc had to be disabled.
Try this code, it's work just fine. See attached file, you can find complete project and ISIS proteus simulation. You may recompile this project using CVAVR 2.04.4a or later. By default it will send string decimal data instead of character, you can modify the data formatting in the printf() function Happy Programming :) Herlambang,
Hello there,can some body help me to know where the error is I am design a 0-30V digital voltmeter but I am always getting 0V on the seven segment display. Here are the code and the proteus circuit. #include "16f876a.h" #DEVICE adc=10 #fuses XT,NOWDT,NOLVP,NODEBUG,NOCPD #use delay(clock=4M) #include