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I am using Analog Comparators as adc as mentioned in AN700 application note. I am not getting a stable value. Why? I am attaching mikroC PRO PIC files + proteus Simulation file. I am testing in hardware and also proteus. Video of hardware attached. In the real hardware power supply is like this. 100 nF Ceramic at I/P and O/P of 7805. (...)
I am designing a weighing scale using adc ad7730... i want to try its simulation before going to hardware. i am using ISIS 7 professinal but it does not have library for ad7730... can anyboby provide the same?? or else give the links from where i can get proteus isis libraries for different components.... Thanks in advance... :smile: pl
i have not tried ethernet libraries but many other library like I2C,adc.. many other were working fine on proteus
Hello!! i am using LPC2138 to do some experiment with ARM. Started with LPC2138 Because it is available in proteus. Had write the codes for LCD, UART and LED Blinking but the problem i am facing with adc is that, it working well in Keil Simulator. But when simulating it in proteus, is creating a problem. Like when i connect POT-HG (...)
Hello! how to set adc delay time...when it show in lcd not fixed..freq is 20mhz..,fosc/64...and delay is code I don't understand at all what you are saying. You may consider to stop talking in Morse code and make full sentences (you know: subject, verb, complement,etc..., beginning with a capital letter and
No need for the code, its with the sensor specification : you say i that you want to transform the voltage read by the adc of microcontroller to a heart beat value ! the equation should be available in the datasheet of your sensor in a table or curve !? give me the name of the sensor or the upload the datasheet and i can help you with that if yo
High guy ?help me ploz to solve the issue of reading adc value,I am using ccs c compiler,pic16f877a and lcd 16*2;I want to read the adc value on ANO,but the lcd is always showing 0; and the error in proteus is :adc conversion clock period (1e-7)is possibly invalid for device clock,can you plz help me? see the parts of my (...)
try This and chang code acoding adc0804
Do you know CCS then I can help you with codes;you need to use adc module of the pic,can you provides your codes here then we can help
You are not giving details on the exact problem, making it hard to focus on something specific in order to spot the mistake. After a quick view, the problem may lie on the fact that you are reading on a 16 bit variable ('"value" as it is named inside the code) from the adc, but you are driving this value to PORTB which has 8 pins. The adc result i
Hey guys i am working on a load monitoring system that identify different loads... i am experimenting right now... i made a c code for ccs c compiler and when i run the simulation on proteus i got the error "adc conversion clock period (4e-07) is less than min TAd=1.6us and is possible invalid for device clock frequency"... I attached the code and
If you use a 100 ohm resistance and the sensor as divider network, for 1 degree change(consider 0 to 1) in temperature the sensor resistance will change from 100 to 100.385. Normally this is very little as I already mentioned. So what you can do is, connect the divider network to an op-amp in differential amplifier configuration. Thus the voltage c
I am trying to drive an LED bar graph with the adc of pic16f877a, I have written and compiled the code in mikroC but it does not simulates as it should on the proteus. I am sharing the code too please help me out. I am using AN0 channel with Vref+ = Vdd and Vref-=Vss, with Left Justified scheme. I am also sharing the proteus simulation. (...)
OK. I am still downloading flowcode. Will reply after 1 hour. I think you have not made the adc pins analog. I feel that it is set as digital, so, it is reading only 0 and 5 v. I installed Flowcode V5 PIC and tried to open your file, but it says PIX18F4520 is not supported in Flowcode Free version. Only if I get a serial number for Flowcode,
Hello Everyone, I am currently working on a project which uses an accelerometer. My project is almost complete, but I cant find the right input to mimic the output of the accelerometer so that I can run my simulation. I mean, i dont have a model of an accelerometer in proteus. Instead I want to use some input device that is the same
One issue is that the PORT pins RB0:RB4 are configured as adc inputs, NOT digital I/O on device reset. Reference: PIC18F2455/2550/4455/4550 Datasheet, Section: 10.2 PORTB, TRISB and LATB Registers, Page 116 Note: On a Power-on Reset, RB4:RB0 are
adc.hex ?
I am attaching my code for adc conversion and its proteus design . the code is not working.... 7731777318 #include #include "usart0.c" int main() { unsigned int data; usart0_init(); usart0_char('a'); PINSEL1 |= 0X01000000; //SET THE FUNCTION FOR PO
I am trying to sample an analog input and send the adc output via USB. The device gets detected but a message pops up saying that "the device is broken or not functioning". The device worked properly when i used it to echo back a sent message. I am using proteus simulator to test my code and Realterm to read the device on PC. This was my original
i have written program for internal adc of pic 16f877a ,so i wanted to check in simulation that by varying resistance output is changing but i dont know how to change value of potentiometer. can anyone help me?