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From version 7.7 in the proteus_inst_dir/SAMPLES folder exists some example project wich contains a .vsmp file. For example see the simple "PIC 12C671 adc" (the complete project folder is attached), or look at the project "C18 Calculator" Here is the "PIC12C671 adc Converter.vsmp":
hello Guys I am using the proteus for the embedded developement with the AVR microcontrollers with the peripherals like LCD , adc , stepper motor and others in the proteus and I compile my program code in the WinAVR and than run it in the virtual atmega microcontroller of the proteus . But Now I have moved to the ARM (...)
C1 and C2 are far too big. Use something like 22pF. Connect MCLR pin to +5V via a 10k resistor and place a 0.1uF capacitor from MCLR pin to ground. You need to connect pin 1 of LM35 to +5V. In the real circuit, did you connect the VDD and VSS of the PIC properly? Did you place decoupling capacitors? Remove RV1 and connect the output of the
So you have written the AVR code and you just need an circuit to interface the adc input?
in proteus there is no simmulation model found for adc0848 so how can i get simmulation model for that. plz give me right link for that model. i dont want any information other than model for adc0848 bcs i dont want to use any other adc rather than this.
connect your voltage source to the appropriate adc channel pin, for example use pin40 for adc0. Also connect the Avcc pin and Vref (depending on the mode) Alex
I have design a pic to measure Voltage and current together. it work perfectly normal on proteus simulation. But when I fix it up to a bread board it does not work properly. I have two analogue input an0 and an1. an0 is for current and an1 is for voltage. so when i insert the wire from the current circuit into an0 the voltage and the current value
16F877A has an analogue comparator and an adc. You need to disable them. Change your code to: void main() { adcON1=7; //This disables adc CMCON = 7; //This disables analogue comparator TRISA=0xff; TRISB=0; PORTB=0; while(1){ if (RA2_bit==0){ PORTB=0xFF; delay_ms(1000); } } } Hope this helps. Tahmid.
there is a conflict of you clock settings it directly effects adc Sampling Rates
I think this happened in older versions of proteus, at least for AVR that I have tried. New versions need a power supply for the chip and the adc too. Alex
Hello romel, Guess this is a old thread, but have you found the solution to ur problem? I am using adc0808 & I am stuck in the same situation of adc not outputting the correct codes for input voltages (in hardware). Even the proteus simulation with microcontroller is in error. I have made some test programs in proteus to (...)
I am doing a project to receive a sensor output in a pic 18f4520. And then the sensor output will be available on port. Then it is displayed on a 7 segment display. How to simulate this on proteus?
whilst the compiling is successful, when put to the proteus simulation, it is not working as required. can someone help me to find the fault? could it be something regarding the tris bits? but i dont know whats the problem with that. thanks code is shown below #include unsigned int itime; void delay (unsigned char itime);
I have set up a circuit to interface temperature sensor and lcd display with Atmega8. The program is working correctly. But there is some problem in the simulation. Pls Code is below: #include #include
Hi guys i am very much biggner! Well i've started working with 16F877 adc modules.. bt i am confused abt the programming. how to set range of input from 0 to +5V and setting resolution...bla bla could anyone please send me some simple programes in C. I am using PICC complier and proteus 7.4 for circuit operation. my work is attached! long
Hi; Sorry but your code in not clear (at least for me)and not as complete, but this problem: "i get output on PortB and D until about 1V and then i get 1's.. " is probably due to the wrong Vref Source Selection bits in adcON1... zuisti
hi connect some led's to the output of the adc and vary the adc input voltage check the status of the led and you will come to know whether the system of functioning ok or not ml
Hi there, I have this board with an ATMEGA128. The board has only one available connector that goes to PORTF (adc port). The problem is that I have to connect a 4x3 keypad. I simulated in proteus connecting the keypad to PORTC and it works but when I try connecting it to PORTF it doesn't work. Does anybody know how can I make this w
im doing my final yr project.. and i have close to 2 weeks to get this interface working.. Its like this.. 1> adc0804 goes to uC 89c51 .. to give output in LCD 2*16 this connection is made on bread board the only output tht i get now is "sensor data" after that nothing.. The attachment has all the text files containing the program for
hi all. I have a code using module adc to display two led 7 seg.But difficulty, display two led don't like the Mind wish.everybody read and help me why the code be wrong when i simular by me.thanks alot !