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how to find offset voltage from output waveform of comparator when sinewave signal given as input?
Hi Everyone, I am trying to use MSP432 on chip 14 bit adc to sense output from a current sensing op-amp( ). I am getting a large reading error from my adc compare to the multimeter reading. My question is Do i need to have a front end amplifier to buffer the input to adc, or I ca
I am building an audio processor with effects in my final year project using Spartan 6 and there is a problem i am facing. Since my project guide has left my institute , I am facing a few difficulties of which this is one of them. The following is the code for audio playback . When i use it without the clock divider (On board clock of 4 MHz) proces
I just need any simple DAC even ideal one, to test digital output code of my designed adc (12-bit), would you please suggest something suitable?
hi i am working on sigma delta adc one query : how to find hte input range for sigma delta modulator for which the adc can work properly please suggest Manissri
hello. I have a adc. I have given digital code from how to test it?in fact I want digital code to convert to voltage with matlab or simple calculations and reach gain errors and linearity errors.please helpe me. thank you very much.
Hi, Background: I was testing the aurora core from Virtex 7 to Artix 7 that i have in the Virtex 7 design a tx_fifo is present into which Virtex data is dumped which has to be sent to A7. Basic test Case: So a basic test was to test using test pattern of adc which i have.I could see (...)
ch is a char array ? Where are you reading adc ?
can anyone suggest me from where i can get "custom waveview" software. i wanted to test the performance of adc design simulated using Hspice. Thanks in advance
Hello, Did you finish your project well? What is your system solenoid inductor value? and Did you test the shape of the current through solenoid? or the shape of the input of adc pin? Thank you
find attached a MPLAB project for an Explorer 16 which enables keyboard commands to be transmitted to a TCP server via a RN171 and also will transmit adc readings from the potentiometer when CTRL/A is hit the console terminal output was PIC24 to RN171 test CMD join Auto-Assoc ssid chan=1 mode=MIXED SCAN OK <4.00> Joining ssid now..
I have succesfully done PWM and adc in the past 2 days and now wanted to do PWM interrupts. I have also successfully done external interrupts using INT0. I wrote the following code for PWM duty cycle control and doing A to D conversions within the PWM1 interrupt (this is just to test PWM interrupt). I keep getting the following error while buildin
To test the performance limits of this chip in a fair environment, you need an EVAL BOARD kit or your own test circuit board to properly test it. Analog Devices has free test software for adc chips, but I always liked the simplicity method of using a DAC with a adc to perform closed loop (...)
help me out i am not able to read the adc value . i am reading adc value from analog channel 2 here my code is there /* adc conversion*/ unsigned char adc_value; unsigned char sensor; char *text="00000"; const gas_max = 642; void main() { adcON0 =0x08; ANSEL =0b00000110; ADRESH =0; (...)
i am using mla in that HID_custom code i am using. controller is 18f4550 and xc8 compiler. i started to configure the code for my application but after commenting adcON0 register usb doen't work. Why? i saw analog pins are not multiplex with USB data pins. Then also what is wrong with the code? And also if i delete the code of keys and adc then
Hi, I am presently doing some practical test of peripheral of PIC 12F675. While trying to use analogue comparator, a weird result is noticed. I have made a circuit with 12F675 connected as follows. GP 0 used as adc as well as CIN- for comparator. GP 1 used as output for LED_1 GP 2 used as output for LED_2 GP 3 not used. GP 4 not used. GP 5
Hello, I am currently using a FLASHY D adc card from KNJN. I need to test the card, and to make it work with an FPGA. But there are some problems when I acquire the signal. The period of the input signal is not the same as the output one. I don't Know the input circuit of the adc but I suspect that it is one of these [URL="http:/
Hi, what is the most reasonable value of potentiometer for getting adc value in pic18f2431?
You should first decide the type of microcontroller you used and then design and test necessary circuit (like current measure circuit, voltage measure circuit, adc, Sampling rate, etc) individually then put these circuit into one circuitry having all interfaces (drivers). You may need to use RS232 interface.
Hi forum. I have digital signal directly from the adc. I need to design digital circuit to be able to detect, if adc is saturated or no. Is there any algorithms to implement this? Or the only way is to check maximum and minimum values? Thank you very much.