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Hi, I need help regarding 2's complement coding scheme to be used on the delta sigma modulator output before feeding to the decimator. Following scheme is suggested in some Lousiana State Univ thesis: convert 1b'0 to -1 = 1111...11, and 1'b1 to +1
Paper or thesis information: T. Thantipwan and N. Wongkomet. "A power-optimized 16-bit 1MS/s nyquist-rate sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter", Chulalongkorn University. To be published. thank a lot ! - - - Updated - - - be badly in need of this paper!!!
Hey all, I am currently working on a Master's thesis for Electrical Engineering and am very interested in the Delta-Sigma adc using a VCO. I am having trouble finding a solid starting reference for this topic, however in the meantime I have a few questions about these papers if anyone can help. "A Time-Based Analog-to-Digital Converter Usin
what kind of dataconverters you are looking for , adc type or any other communication types
yes. A comparator can deliver its best characteristics only when it is provided with input signals of lower frequencies. This is what i have validated in my Master's thesis. I have designed a 6-bit Flash adc and i have found that it is not giving faithful outputs when input signal is crossing a particular frequency in GigaHertz range. But for m
Good Day I have to troubleshoot this PIC programming in line with my thesis panel's recommendations i purposely used the PIC16F877A just to convert the Analog Output of the gas sensors into Digital... i supposedly will use the adc value and plug it into my equations in the GUI. the original code drive an output to my zigbee tranciever and LCD o
hello, my thesis is all about pipeline adc. I am about to design the time alignment and error correction in CMOS technology. I dont know and to do and what to read. Can anyone give me some references for this one?
1. CMOS Dynamic biased buffer for cable driver (50-75 ohms) low quiescent current. 2. design wide swing rail to class AB opamp. 3. design of CMOS adc ( SAR/Sigma Delta ) 4. Current mode CMOS building blocks. see what design tools you have and then choose.
i want design and simulate pipeline adc in HSPICE. i am looking for a design document, is any document that i use it? Perhaps this thesis paper may be helpful? 59079
Google PhD thesis on adcs, you'll find plenty! Don't forget to specify if you want flash, pipeline, folding, multi-step, sar, delta-sigma...
Hi, I want to design a SAR adc full custom design in Cadence flow. Some one can help me out getting a architecture, Schematic and test bench Here's a thesis paper. See pp. 52 ff (PDF pp. 60 ff).
Hello guys, some question about pipeline adc Front end SHA? 1, what's the capacitor mismatch requirement ? I found that many thesis say ΔC/C< 1 LSB, why it isn't 0.5 LSB? If the adc resolution is N, ΔC/C<1/2^(N+1) or 1/2^N? Are you sure those thesis say this for the THA? I guess you mean the global T/H tha
Hi, i have just finished my diplom(Dipl. Ing(FH)) study in electrical engineering in germany. I have a good knowledge of CMOS IC analog design and my final thesis was design of folding and interpolating adc. I am fresh graduate and i found it tough to get the job in Ic design since all positions require at least 3 yr experience. Can someone give
hye. can someone provide me some thesis on folding adc. i really need one or two as my reference. thanks.
Could anyone to introduce some good papers/books/thesis on continous time sigma delta adc??Thanks a lot! Best regards hi, there is a book "Continuous Time Sigma Delta Modulation for IF AD Conversion Radio Receivers" in the eda-book up&download section, so i think it will be good for you. jeff.yan
Hi Does anyone have source codes for tool developed for this work? An Automated Analog Layout Generation -> t tnx
Hi harii74, I dont have MATLAB code which describes adc static and dynamic errors, sory. But there is some thesis about adc, and on the end is some matlab corection code. Maybe it will be helpful, if not - sory. Best regards, Karper. Hi friend, may be the author will not accept to publish his thesis here :!:
Dear All, I need to design an add-on-board for frequency 1.2GHz to 6GHz. I need the Add-on board with DAC ->Filters ->Mixer (IF)->PA - Antenna on SMA adc <--Filters<--Mixer(IF)<--LNA Can any one point to any thesis document, which will help to choose the right components and also give a basic ide
hello, I'm finishing with my thesis soon. My thesis is design of folding and interpolating adc. does someone has the eBook as guide to write my thesis?
I really like to read Thomas Cho's 'Low-Power Low-Voltage Analog-to-Digital Conversion Techniques Using Pipelined Architectures' Unfortunately, I cannot find it on the web, and it seems like only UC students have access to the UC dissertations from the school web library. Please don't send me the berkeley kabuki website. The link no longer wo