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Hi friends, I attend robert bosch interview , i said i used 9600 baud rate in uart they ask question like , why used very low baud rate in your project ? . the answer i dont know . then in another project i said 10 bit adc i used n my project . they asked why 10 bit adc you used , why not 12 bit ,8 bit adc (...)
Hello!! i am using LPC2138 to do some experiment with ARM. Started with LPC2138 Because it is available in Proteus. Had write the codes for LCD, uart and LED Blinking but the problem i am facing with adc is that, it working well in Keil Simulator. But when simulating it in Proteus, is creating a problem. Like when i connect POT-HG with P0.2
Look at Cypress semiconductors PSoC controllers. It has some useful features. You can configure any pin to any port or any function just like a FPGA. example you can configure any pin to a analog pin, uart pin, I2C pin, USB, etc...., It has build in & configurable adc/DAC. You don't need external OPAMP because it has buid in digital gain controled
Is there any software that makes a graph from uart data (real-time graph) . I nedd for ecg shield (arduino platform ) Thanks in advance .
You have to convert adc value to string and send it byte by byte to serial port Tx. You have to do uart initialization. void send_string_usart(unsigned char *str_adc_val){ while(*str_adc_val){ TI = *str_adc_val; while(TI == 0); (...)
Hello!! Everyone i am new to ARM Micro-controller's, few months back purchased a Development Board having LPC2148 Micro-Controller. I did Lcd Interfacing, uart and led also, but having some problem with adc Interfacing. Here is the Circuit for that. 87262 But its not working, LCD is working fine, please help me,
You may need something like that. Is your adc has parallel output and you know how to take the control of uart
adc have i2c, spi or parallel outputs. I dont know of an adc that have an uart output. you could make one with a pic with inbuild adc, and uart output but if you cannot make an ad7714 to work in spi, I'm not sure you will be able to make that adc-uart pic based device. (...)
Any ideas how to work with soft uart on PIC12F675 for mikrobasic?. I need to get the adc signal to be prompt in the hyperterminal window of the PC but it looks like is not just right on mikrobasic. How to do it?. Thanks.
First take the adc reading. This will be 8-bit numerical data. Then transfer this through the uart module. You can send the 8-bit value directly or you can change/modify it as required to give desired output.
Hi friend... I am interfacing (in simulator) AD1674 which is a 12 bit adc with ATmega32. I have made the connection as in the attachment. in the output of the adc the data is changing, but when i am sending this through serial port, i am getting output as in the screenshot... it is giving output like this ascii 4080 " ≡≡≡Ͱ
I understand if the signal is given to the microcontroller. Pin should be configured as i/p (e.x if photodiode value is given to adc channel it is i/p to microcontroller so it should be configured as i/p) . Say if a signal or value goes out of microcontroller it should be configured as o/p right? in that case transmit in uart should be configured a
The differences vary depending on the specific 8051 variant to which you are referring. Depending of the specific device, the pins could be attached to several different types of peripheral modules, adc, DAC, PWM, uart, SPI, TWI, etc. BigDog
The following code does not works , i want to control a stepper motor with the values send by rs232 and get the feedback from the pot, but to check the values of adc and uart , i just used dummy values in the below code unsigned char ch; // unsigned int adc_rd; // Declare variables char *text;
I can do the project. I can do the LCD part, adc part and PWM motor speed control part using mikroC, but have never used uart/USART. You have to do the uart part. Please zip and upload the proteus .dsn file of your project. For password what is your character table. Are you using 0-9 and A-Z or are you using PC Keyboard?
I suggest you to learn more pheripheral, not changing different microcontroller. It's like adc, PWM, uart, SPI, I2C, USB and their application or device about this RS232, RS485, Modbus, CANBus. Also, interfacing mcu with VB and android. I also have learn more than 2 years but still more to learn the list here[
how to put uart and adc register in watch window in avr studio 4?
Why not post your full Send and Recieve routines nd circuit diagram, perhaps we can see where its going wrong. This is my code Transmitter ; internal RC osc and 300 baud LIST P=18F4550, F=INHX32 ; directive to define processor #include ; processor specific variable definitions ;*******
i have written code for adc interrupt(lpc 2148).first time when interrupt occurs control goes to ISR routine but control doesn't come out of the ISR to main.please any one try to solve my problem.. below is the code: #include #include #include"uart.h" unsigned int convert,convert1,reg; volatile int flag=0
thanks arunsharma0731..... uart1_Write_Text(IntToStr(temp_res)); this line works as same as my code.... my uart recieveing data but i dont know why adc reading will not shown in portB and portC ... Can you tell us what value appears in the PORT B and PORTC? Are they same as what you are transmitting