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I have used msp430 and I found an interrupt vector table which in which different interrupts like adc, uart, int, tmr0 etc could be configured individually.. I mean its not a single ISR in which we check the flag using if else ... I am new to PIC18F. Now I thought a similar setup will be there in PIC18F. But unfortunately, I couldn't find su
My code for updating uart with adc not working, // char text; long tlong; int i; unsigned int adc_rd; char *text = "000.0000"; void main(){ CMCON |= 0x07; // turn off comparators adcON1 |= 0x0C; // Set AN2 channel pin as analog TRISA2_bit = 1; // input (...)
I'm using two channels for my adc. So, upon processing them, i'll get two 10-bit values. I need to transmit them serially using Zigbee(uart). How am I to send two 10-bit values while the maximum frame size for uart is 9-bit? Thanks in advance
Hi all, I am interfacing a potentiometer with a USB and cant seem to develop a logic for the code. I need to transmit the digitized data from the adc of PIC18F4550 to the USB. Please help me out. Regards.
how do i send my data from adc to Usart? This is my code, and i am not able to send the data that i need. I am not that good in programming microcontrollers. i am currently using PIC16F877A and MikroC void main(){ adcON1 = 0x00; // 8-bit converter, 0000 Ports E and A are analog inputs and Vref+ is VDD Vref- is Vss, TRISA = 0xFF;
Hello Friends... here is my code for PIC16F877A using two 10bit adc .. unsigned int temp_res; unsigned int temp_res1; char buf2; char buf; int i; void main() { uart1_Init(9600); delay_ms(100); TRISA = 0xFF; CMCON = 0x07; TRISA = 0xFF; // PORTA is input TRISC = 0; // PORTC
Hello I have a PIC 16F877A with a 10 bit adc. I want to use USART for communication but the data to be sent can be of 8 bits only. So how can make a PIC wth a 10-bit adc give me an adc result of 8-bit i.e for 10 bit adc, 5V = 1024; i want it to be 8 bit adc with 5V represented by 256. However it (...)
We are using a microcontroller to provide IO (adc and GPIO) to control and measure external devices. I have successfully programmed uart functions of microcontroller device (Silabs C8051F380) to communicated with host programs on PC over RS232 (COM1) interface. For this project the host sends a command to the device in which the device returns a re
I have many example on PIC16F877A. It's is C Code using Hi-Tech compiler. I use Hi-Tech because it's already integrate with the MPLab software. My Lesson. The sample include LED, 7 segment, switch, keypad, LCD, comparator, adc, PWM, Timer, Interrupt, EEPROM, uart, SPI, I2C, RFID reader, GSM (AT Command)
Connect the sensor LM35 to adc . convert the analog to digital value and send it to Zigbee.
which modem and which adc are you referring here....
No one can recommend a chip based on such limited information. I would expect you to have some requirements for I/O, adc maybe, supply voltage, SPI, uart or something. Not just cost and size. Try the interactive selection guides on Microchip's web site. Keith
there is many model that have uart module.. you can choose one that have uart..and after that look at another function that you want to use such as adc.. then select PIC with uart and adc.. this link will bring you to PIC16XXXX that is 8 bit PIC PIC16
hello, can anyone suggest a circuit/schematic for dsPIC30F4013. i just want to make a basic dev board. thanks! :) also, if using MikroC_dsPIC do i need to change anything in the project settings? im writing a simple adc (+uart) program for voltage sensing. thanks! :)
Hi, I did one such thing, here's the code: program adc_uart_16F877 dim adcResult as word main: uart1_Init(9600) 'Initialize uart at 9600bps while true adcResult = adc_Read(0) >> 2 'Read analog value from channel 0 and convert to 8-bit (...)
Hi all, Theres an extremely important help, i need in my project... Here is what happens to be done... An adc0808 converts analog data into 8 bit Digital Data... Now i want to transmit this Data serially through uart of 8051 & Display this data on anyone of the Ports of the other 8051uC...i have C routines for uart & (...)
Hi all, The following code throws Error ; 0. undefined symbol: _Openadc(adc.obj) Can anybody help me. i cannot include plib.h properly. Or Pls tell me how to use peripheral library in my code. I am using PIC18F67J50 #include #include #include #include "uart.c" __CONFIG(1,0
Hi. I am currently using PIC 18F4520 to perform adc. I want to read an analog signal calculate the rms and store the value to perform power calculations. I am having a problem with number of samples.When i print the values of the adc using uart the are not what I expected. I am using a 20 MHz crystal. Please someone look at the code and tell (...)
Assuming this is a PIC, make sure uart (Sync), adc and Interrupts (Peripheral) are turned off. Also pull up/down all I/O pins and set them as I/P Also read the Mid-range reference manual : thoroughly. Section 26 for sure.
Hi calocho, It depends on which compiler you are using and your knowledge of adc and uart. If you are using mikroC, mikroBASIC or mikroPASCAL, there are inbuilt library routines that you can simply call such as: xyz = adc_Read(0) This reads the analog value from channel 0 and copies the 10-bit corresponding digital result to register