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Hi, For PIC, people usually start with 16F84A, which has only a TMR0 module and no adc/Comparator/SPI/uart module, but is used only to start off with PICs. Then you can move to 16F877A or better yet, 18F series and then to PIC24F. Just out of curiosity, why are you deciding to come to PIC from 8051. Atmel has ATmega series of microc
Dear Friend I Looked Into Your Problem, i had a similer project and this is a working code. i created some macro to help you out. there is a macro for reading adc, sending a byte and for receiving a byte hope you like it it might get your problem solved, the asm code is in the attachment oh yes , be care full you need to put a 10kohm as an
Hi, I have been trying to solve the problem with the data loss which occurs from time to time in my system. The system consists of a PIC33FJ128GP802 microcontroller, and ft232r converter IC. I am using DMA to transfer data from adc to RAM and then send the bufered data to PC via FT232 at 3Mbaud rate (tried both DMA and manual data transmission).
Hello. I'm designing at the moment a little project and i was just wondering about microcontroller i'm gonna use. In my project i will most likely use 3 to 4 micros. One of these micros will be responsible for driving motors so i decided to use 18f1330 for its 6 PWM outputs and 10bit adc. But it is only equipped in uart and i'm gonna need it
Set the AVR’s uart for, say 9600, 8-bit, no-parity, 1-stop .. At the PC end, open Hyperterminal and set for the same as above .. Can I assume that you don’t have any issues with the hardware connection .. The link below shows how to use the AD
i want c code for adc in lpc2148
I have this project using this PIC24F04KA201. I have two inputs coming from two sensors, temp and load cell. I want to acquire the two data via serial port(RS232) to be plotted using MATLAB. This project is all about getting the moisture content of the soil using an oven that is controlled by the MCU, only on and off of the oven. The host computer
2009.10.24: TECHOR announcing SOM3530 Rev PRELIMINARY will be released in Oct 30,2009! SOM3530 is 4x4cm size, 120pin 1.27mm pitch QFP-like package
I need to send the output from the internal adc of the pic18f452 to the usart and then send the data to a gm862 gprs modem. i dont know how to impliment the at commands in the code. also the output of the adc is 10-bits and the usart can only handle 8-data bits, what do i do? I was thinking to ignore the 2 lsb and use the data as 8-bits... Can anyo
Hi to all, i am using two xbee modules. one act as a remote another one is base. I've configured remote xbee as adc input on 20th pin, 14th pin as ref. ref volt=3.3v and two modules having below configuration. when i gave a analog input(adc INPUT0) i was able to see the variation of pwm output on base module D0 pin using a CRO. but my failure was i
Hi all, I'm trying to write simple code that sends that adc result to usart , i'm using 18f4550 and i'm trying to send the 10bit of adc? one channel code shown below SetChanadc(adc_CH0); //select voltage channel Delay10TCYx(5); Convertadc(); while( Busyadc()); (...)
Currently, a lot of mixed signal MCUs are available from the market. These kinds of MCU usually contains: 1) high speed MCU core; 2) Bandgap reference; 3) adc, DAC, Comparator & Touchsense, Comparator; 4) Oscillator; 5) POR & VDD monitor; 6) RAM & Flash; 7) Connectivity: SMBus, SPI, uart, USB, What is the next feature to be provided?
You can implement uart, I2C or SPI protocols. If you can use the above mentioned protocol compatible adc or any temperature sensor and display the measured value on LCD. Here you will get knowledge on how to convert Binay values in to ASCII or you can upload it to a PC through uart.
#include "LPC214x.H" // LPC2148 MPU Register #include // For Used Function printf /* pototype section */ void init_serial0 (void); // Initil uart-0 int putchar (int ch); // Put Char to uart-0 int getchar (void);
If you are using C, here is a sample A/D test program /* adc and Serial uart Test Program Date: 7-21-05 Author: Evan Dudzik This program is an example of interfacing with two pieces of hardware within the PIC: the analog to digital converter, and the uart, as well as using interrupts. The program continuously reads the (...)
first test the peripherals ,such as adc,uart,IIC,INTERUPT... then you can try to migrate OS ,such as UCOS,UCLINUX
I doubt that you will find any. Some more high-end sensors come with a synchronous serial inferace (SPI and I2C and others). I2C is probably the best way to go because the addressing is handled in a fairly transparent way. Lots of cheap pic microcontrollers (and others) can handle SPI and I2C. Plus they have adc which can handle the voltage output
Wat if both MCUs r on the same PCB? The main MCU is used to take in input signal from button, adc, etc. whereby the 2nd MCU is used to interface with a graphic controller to drive a color LCD.
hi i am using ARM LPC2100 board of zlgmcu I will not able to execute the code for adc and uart adc i/p is connected to pin P0.28 and P0.27 I am using Cygwin as a compiler Did you know any free software I have a JTAG but i dont know , how to used with the board , for that does required any software Do you know any free RTOS (...)
Hi folks I have a c6713 DSK and a uart Daughtercard from Windmill Innovations. I want to Tx the value of a potenciometer, connected to a microcontroller's adc and send this value to the DSK through this uart Daughtercard. I'm using the example program loop_intr from the Chassaing book "Digital Signal Processing and Applications with the (...)